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Uranium stocks were soaring earlier in the year and have suffered a huge pullback as of late.  Many investors are heading to the exits and dumping their remaining holdings before its too late.  The more confident investors are adding to their positions.  They claim that the fundamentals are still strong and this is only a temporary setback.  They believe the high price of oil, the world’s increasing energy demands, and the need for cheap alternative energy due to global warming will all help to get the stock prices heading north again in the near future.  They also see that many government leaders and the general public have a better attitude towards nuclear energy, which is certainly another bullish sign. 

Key vocabulary and phrases that are discussed in the podcast:

Uranium:  This is a type of element that can be used to make a lot of energy.  Uranium can be used for destructive things like building a bomb, but can also be used to make energy to heat and light our homes among other things.  

Pullback:  If stocks “pullback” it means their price becomes lower than it was before.  Often when stocks rise quickly, they will experience a pullback in the future.  This might not indicate a problem, but could just indicate that the price was getting a little too high and some investors wanted to take out some profit.

Heading to the exits:  This phrase means “leaving or getting away”.  In the case of stocks, if you head for the exits it means you plan to sell your stocks. 

Dumping:  In this case “dumping” just means selling.  The word dumping here gives the feeling of selling quickly because you really don’t want what you have.  Dumping is how we treat garbage or things we don’t like, so you get the idea.

Holdings:  Your “holdings” just refers to which stocks you have.  Another way of saying you own a particular stock is to say you are “holding” it.

Positions:  In finance, your “position” is just your commitment to buy or sell stocks.  If you are increasing your position in Uranium, it means you are going to buy more Uranium stocks.  If you are decreasing your position in the bond market, it means you will sell some bonds.

Fundamentals:  This is information about the economic health of a company.  If you look at how much debt a company has, how much money the company has, and how their sales have been lately, then you are looking at the fundamentals.  The fundamentals are actual facts based on real numbers.  The smart investors know how to look at the fundamentals of a company and decide whether or not they want to buy it. 

Heading North:  We sometimes think of “north” as “up” and “south” as “down” for some reason.  If a stock is heading north it means that the price is increasing.  On the other hand, if it is heading south we know the price is decreasing.

Nuclear energy:  This is energy released from the inside of the nucleus of an atom.  Atoms are the small particles that everything is made of.  If you can spit the center of the atom (the nucleus), or make two come together, then a lot of energy is released.  The famous equation E=MC2  should give you an idea of what nuclear energy is about.

Bullish: A “bull market” is a market that is doing very well and increasing rapidly in value.  If someone says they are bullish on internet stocks, it means they think internet stocks will do very well.  The opposite is a “bear market”.  If someone says they are bearish on Oil, it means they think the price of oil will go down.



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