Business English Course

How to answer questions during a job interview


When you are answering questions during a job interview, it is very important to remember a few key ideas.  You don’t always know exactly what the questions will be, but there are some things you should keep in mind for any questions that might come up.


Always try to answer the questions in a way that make you look like a good fit for the job.

 Remember that you are trying to get the job.  Don’t lie about anything but make sure you choose your answers wisely.  Think about what kinds of answers are true for you and also make you look capable for this job.


It’s ok to take a moment to think before your answer

If you take a moment to collect your thoughts it shows that you are really trying to answer well.  Don’t take too much time of course but a little time is fine.  Also, make sure you answer questions.  Don’t say something like, I don’t know, I’ve never thought of that before and leave it at that.  You need to come up with some kind of answer for everything.


Answer clearly and concisely.  Don’t ramble on with long answers.

Make sure you answer clearly in sentences.  Don’t just say yes or no.  Don’t talk for too long either.  If you keep talking, it shows that you are not very good at expressing yourself and it also shows that you are not very respectful of the interviewers time.


Make sure you are answering the right question. 

It’s ok to ask for clarification of a question if you don’t understand.  It shows you are careful.  It’s better to ask a second time what the interviewer asked than it is to answer a totally different question.



Don’t talk about personal problems during an interview

This is not the time to talk about your personal problems.  The interviewer will not feel sorry for you and give you the job because you have a hard life.  They want someone who can do the job. 


Don’t talk about salary or holidays during an interview

The interview is not the time to be negotiating salary or talking about holidays.  It is your job to show the interviewer what you can do for the company.  If you get offered a job, you can talk about what the company can do for you.


Never say anything bad about anyone, especially previous employers and coworkers

It looks horrible to say bad things about other people during a job interview.  Its extremely unprofessional.


Don’t say anything very controversial

The last thing you would want to do is to say something offensive, or some strong opinion that many people disagree with.  You might have the interviewer judge you very harshly if he or she happens to disagree with your view.  Its safer not to talk about your personal views too much.