If you have an ESL or language learning website you are welcomed to exchange links with us.


Please add a banner or a text link of our site and send us a message at the bottom of this page of the url of where the link is.  Also include in the email:

1. The url of your website

2. A short description of what your site is about. 

3. If you would like us to include a banner, please send us the picture and the code for that banner. 

** We check our email very frequently and will have your link up within 24 hours.


For our text link please use the following information :


Title: Great ESL podcast with free study guide

Description: A great site for Intermediate to Advanced ESL students. Two brothers discuss all sorts of interesting topics on their ESL Podcast. Perfect for classroom discussion as well.  Everything on the site is Free. 

Or you can get the code directly to paste on your site below:


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