Business English Course

How to behave properly during a job interview.


I admit that this topic seems pretty funny and most of you are probably thinking that you know how to behave quite well.  It’s still a good idea to read through this list to make sure that you don’t make any mistakes.


Don’t chew gum

-It looks very unprofessional to be chewing gum.  I’ve you are worried about having bad breath, suck on some strong mints before you go in.  Also, don’t take any food into the interview, even if you aren’t planning on eating it there. 


Don’t smoke

-This should be obvious that you wouldn’t smoke during a job interview.  If you do smoke, make sure that you don’t smell like it when you go inside.


Turn your cell phone off

-Definitely don’t ever answer your phone during a job interview.  Your phone should also be turned off so you don’t hear an embarrassing and distracting ring during the interview.  You also should not pick up your phone either to look for messages or send them.


Give a firm handshake

-It’s important to be able to give a proper handshake.  When you shake someone’s hand, make sure it is firm, but do not try to crush the other person’s hand.  Make sure you look the other person in the eye and smile while shaking hands.


Sit and walk with good posture

-It’s important that you sit up straight and stand straight while walking.  Move at a fairly quick pace as well.  Employers don’t want to see anyone who looks tired and slow.



-It’s a fact that smiling makes other people happy and comfortable around you.


Make eye contact with the employer

-When you are talking, make sure to look the employer in the eyes.  It makes you look more confident.  Also, when you look someone in the eyes while speaking it makes you look like you are telling the truth.


Don’t interrupt

-Even if the employer is talking too much, let them finish and don’t try to interrupt them.  Simply wait for them to finish and then you will have a chance to say something.


Don’t fidget

-Don’t play around with your hands or papers or anything.  It will make you look nervous.  Just try to sit still with good posture and smile.


Don’t look around the room

-If you are looking around the room and not at the employer, you will seem like you are bored or you are not paying attention.  Do you think someone would want to hire you if it seems like your mind is always on other things and can’t listen? 


Don’t wear too much make-up

-For a female, wearing make-up is ok but do it in good taste.  Don’t wear too much.


Don’t wear too much jewelry

-For women, watch, ring, and earrings are ok.  For men, watch and ring is ok.


Cover up any tattoos if you have them

-If you have any tattoos it’s a good idea to cover them up. 


Make sure you are very well groomed

-Obviously you want to look clean, but make sure your hair looks good, you’ve cut your fingernails well, and paid extra attention to your grooming.  Being neat and groomed is important for the company image.  Even if you were very smart and good at what you do, companies don’t want people who are going to embarrass them by not looking their best.