Business Writing Course

I don't know you personally, but I can probably guess a few things about you. I guess that native speakers are probably polite to your face. I guess they would tell you that your spoken English is quite good and your writing is good too. I see native speakers giving these types of fake compliments all the time.

The problem is they are just being polite. They are just trying to make you feel good about yourself. It may be nice to hear, but it won't help you improve your writing and speaking level at all. It's a big problem...

I read the writing from non-native speakers all the time. I can usually understand it, but it looks like a child wrote it. Of course, some people write better than others, but it's still so easy to see that it needs serious improvement.

Written emails and text messages are becoming a more and more important part of global businesses and international communication. This poor writing prevents non-native speakers get the types of jobs and salaries they deserve. It must be frustrating to watch native speakers earn more money than you do just because their English is better.

Being able to write succinct and reasonable emails at a similar level to that of a native speaker is necessary for your career development. I can help get you to that level... But only if you let me help.

Because I read business emails from non-native speakers all the time, I can easily see the most common problems. For years I have paid close attention to these problems. I know how to fix them quickly. If you improve your email writing skills, you'll have access to much better and higher paying jobs, and you'll have a much brighter future for your career. Developing your writing skills well will help you in more ways than you can think of. Most writing courses I've seen are a complete joke; and I've seen a lot! I've made an online email writing course for you. I want to help make a difference in your life. I want to help you earn more money so you can enjoy a better life.

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