001 – Humour ESL Podcast

First ESL podcast from Have fun listening to this fun ESL podcast

We are talking about a new sitcom called ‘Entourage’.

Hey, have you seen that new sitcom called Entourage?
Ya, it’s awesome. Who’s your favorite character?
Johnny Chase. He’s absolutely hilarious! I love the one where he’s insecure about his calves.
That was hilarious. I personally think that Arie might be the best actor.
Who do you think is the worst?
I agree. He sucks.

Key vocabulary and phrases that are discussed in the podcast:

It’s not common for native English speakers to describe people or things as “very humourous”.

Hilarious – A very good word to use which means very funny.

My friend is hilarious.

I find that movie hilarious.

Last night was hilarious.

What you just said was hilarious.

"Sense of humour" – a sense of humour is talking about if a person is either funny or good at accepting jokes. People who have a good sense of humour are often very easy-going.

She has a really good sense of humour.

A good sense of humour is important to me when finding a boyfriend.

A good sense of humour is more important than physical appearance.

He has a good sense of humour about himself. (doesn’t take himself too seriously, can make fun of himself)

Don’t use the word “very” all the time to modify words. A great word to use if you want to make a very strong point is “absolutely”.

Absolutely is like saying, extremely, totally, or 100%

Absolutely amazing.

That movie was absolutely amazing.

Absolutely beautiful.

Wow, you look absolutely beautiful in that dress.

Absolutely disgusting.

I can’t believe you like to eat that. It’s absolutely disgusting.

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    I found out this site this week and I thought it is absolutely helpful. I really enjoy your broadcasts.

    Nice job.

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    This is absolutely amazing podcast. Seems you have a good sense of humour.:-)

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    Great Job man!
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  6. Mauricio Says:

    I am from Brazil and I have just learn english. I only 10 months.
    But I loved this website..Thanks

  7. Carman Says:

    Hi ~ I am from HK. I discovered your site incidentally few days ago and found it very interesting and useful. I have saved some of your podcasts into my ipod and listened to them these few days. I think I will listen to your podcasts continuously so as to improve my listening and vocabulary.

    I appreciate your work so much ^^ , especially you do it for free. Keep it up ^^

    By the way, I think I can understand 70-80% of what you say in your podcasts, but when I watch English TV programs or movies, I can only understand a little, maybe the actors speak too fast for me and they use a lot of contractions. Do you know where I can learn common contractions (especially informal ones, such as ain’t, whatcha) in internet? Actually, I don’t know how to pronounce such informal contractions. Or could you teach us some of them?

  8. berihu Says:

    I really appriciate your website, especially for your providing this tutorials and lessons to solve many peoples of the world. I am one of your followers, I found it very interesting, but a little bit difficult to download and play in the CD and other devices.

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  12. Si Young Says:

    Your conversation class is absolutely amazing.
    You guys are very hilarious and have good sense of humors.
    I appreciate that you posted this conversation for people in the world.

  13. yoon Says:

    you guys sound high in the recording haha
    it’s hilarious!

  14. CCCH Says:

    Your voices are absolutely clear and you have good cases. What I don’t like is the noise at the begining and ending of the conversation. I can’t find any sense about this noise.
    Thank you

  15. Jana Says:

    I come from Slovakia and I just love this way of learning English!
    THANKS!! :)

  16. abbas Says:

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    I and my brother listen to your pod casts every day.
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    Good job
    Good luck

  17. Afshin Says:

    Hi from Iran.

    everything is absolutely amazing. (Clear voices, good conversations, subjects & … ). I am preparing myself for IELTS exam and I think I’m learning good tips from you.
    thanks for all

  18. Sunboy Eric Says:

    I’m a Chinese.I really appriciate your website especially your voice and topics.
    I think it’s absolutely helpful to improve my listening and reading.
    Keep it up!

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  23. Bien (Philippines) Says:

    Hey Guys,

    I think you’re doing a great Job. You don’t speak too slow which I find a bit discouraging for students because not only does slow speech bore them, it also gives a false idea on how Native Speakers speak English.

    The transcripts were also great. Saves me alot of time. I could just focus on teaching and explaining.


    (I teach Koreans English in the Philippines)

  24. dihbash Says:

    hi guys , thank you for this varvellous website ,

  25. Kasra Says:

    Hi there.
    I am Kasra. I am studying Toefl corse and I do lots of listenings on my way to University. and recently I have found your great podcasts which I spend my time on taxi to university listening to them. I have listened to the first 70 podcasts more than 3 times each.

    I’ll be glad to hear from you, and read your mails.
    good to know you.
    P.S. I am going to emmigrate to canada, toronto for my studies within a year or so :)

  26. Sam Says:

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  27. Andrea Says:

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  29. And so on Says:

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  36. juan Says:

    congtatolations for your podcats is absulutely special, but I disagree whit the sitcom because Im from Medellin Colombia and they represente very bad our country, I think that they shuould investegate littel more about medellin, our city is beutiful and full of beutiful women.

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  42. Laine Says:

    Hi Andrew!!

    As you have a great sense of humour I am sure you do not mind if I ask you just a couple of questions:

    1. Would you like to talk to me?

    2. Why not???

    It was a joke (but you can talk to me if you want, no problem..ehehhe). I listen to China 232 every day, and I always remember “Goooood Morning Vietnam” (do not worry, I prefer Thanks for helping me to improve my English. I am brazilian and I have been living in London for about 5 months.

    Great job!!

  43. Laine Says:


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    Guys, you both are so funny! :) Have you ever though about inviting a girl into your dialogs. This might be very useful, because women’ voices are a bit different and we need to be able to decipher woman’s speech as well. :)

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    THANKS A LOT! xoxo

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  66. Mik@ Says:

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    Though you suggested to start listening from the first lesson, I’ve started it roughly from number 50 and now, going back out of curiosity, I do see a huge progress you, guys, achieved.

    Keep it up,

    Regards, Mikhail.

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    If you want to save any of the lessons on your computer “right click” with your mouse and click something like “save link as” depending on your browser. If you just “left click” the download button usually your computer will have a setting to tell it to play on some media player. Hopefully this helps

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    BTW, I have a question to this lesson, namely, at the beginning of lesson you said: “we’re just getting things in gear”. Could you tell us what does it mean ?

    Thanks in advance.

  72. add Says:

    we were just having fun and meant that we were getting things started..kind of like when you drive a manual car and you put it in gear.

  73. armin Says:

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