252 – VIP – Life in Canada

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  1. larrywang2014 Says:

    Hi Add and andrew

  2. ArturSalvador Says:

    Hello, I did my Renew membership however I Couldn’t access the file and the VIP content. Pls confirm my subscription. Name: Artur Salvador

  3. WooDoo Says:

    Great new lesson. It reminded me I have zillion things to do with my house. The ugent one is to buy an extention for the corner backyard eavestrough to prevent basement damage. Hopefully I have a subfloor. It is nice and warm now and it could potentially prevent a floor damage.
    Thank you guys!

  4. zibaeifard Says:

    Hi Andrew and Add,
    You haven’t been active for quiet a while and didn’t respond to either messages or emails. Do you guarantee you’ll be responding in case the VIP access doesn’t work?


  5. Peter Says:

    Hi, I renewed my subcription, but I can’t access to vip area. Could you help me?

  6. jacoisrael Says:

    Hey Guys .. transcripts will be available again?

  7. eriana85 Says:

    They don’t answer. I want my money back!

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