251 – VIP – Korean News Story

In this ESL podcast we talk about great vocabulary and grammar that you will hear in English news and real life discussions! Learn about a recent interesting news story about Korea . Speak English fluently today.

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  1. admin Says:


    Very sorry for the long break. We have been very busy and dealing with some personal issues. Will try and answer your questions via email :)

  2. sara2625 Says:

    it is nice to hear that you are fine.

  3. marbie Says:

    Hello guys,
    I have registered for VIP and I can login but I can not download these VIP lessons on my Ipod. Is there any body can tell me how to solve this problem? Thank you.

  4. guitarmanzw Says:

    So good to have it again.

    I don’t know the news in the lesson is real or not, I feel sorry for those soldiers who died there. By the way, I firstly think it was news form the North, but then I found it’s the news from South!

    Actually, almost all Chinese people feel sorry for the people in the North, hope they can have a chance to open the country and develop the country better, have a better life, every year there must be some people escaped from the North to China, and this year, about one month ago, China catch them but send them to the South.

    It’s hard to understand the tragedy happened in the South, may God give them peace!

  5. synaps Says:

    Mobie, I had the same problem and sent them so many Emails and messages but they didn’t even bother to reply

  6. aje1225 Says:

    Hi guys.
    I registered for VIP and had been used Android app.
    However, i cannot find app at the app store after i changed my cell phone.
    App store says ‘its not available’
    It’s really hard to listen on the Safari.

    I am looking forward to you guy’s reply

  7. elainecheng Says:

    Whats happen with the download. on and off when ut is playing. So annoying

  8. itislynn Says:


    I’ve renewed my vip subscription but my status is still shown as expired. Would you mind taking a look at it at your convenience?


  9. youyou93600 Says:

    Why no more lessons?I wait u’re next podcast, why not a 2015 predictions?It’s disappointing me.


  10. 329463846 Says:

    they have given up the business already i presume

  11. stevelin Says:

    Add and Andy have given up the project.They didn’t update the lesson for a long time。:(

  12. naozon Says:

    Hi Add and Andy, what’s wrong with you?? Got a trouble?
    A bit anxious about you two, or just a long vacation?
    Come back and give us an update.

  13. Alfredo Says:

    When are we going to get new stories and new podcasts?

  14. seychelles24 Says:

    Hi Guys. I am recently renewed my membership which I hold for quite a long time but I am missing regular lessons nowadays.

  15. Free0022 Says:

    Hi Add and Andy, you did a great job, hope to see you back soon, anyway i already learned a lot from your podcasts

  16. walwal Says:

    Hi guys! Why no answer?

  17. stevelin Says:

    The two brother have missed. They gave up this project.

  18. FHDX Says:

    Can’t download any item from your application. Need the support urgently, please.
    I subscribe and can’t use it, yet.

  19. hanafiah Says:

    FHDX, yeaah me too, I guess We’re not gonna hear anything from the admin. It’s been 1 year ago from their last post

  20. FHDX Says:

    Please, anyone know to fix this issue, reply here on the comment:

    Can’t download any item from your application (iTune)

    Thank you

  21. Aliya Says:

    Same problem here and no answer unfortunately from them!

  22. steph2 Says:

    hi guys i just renewed my account to VIP using paypal(Transaction ID 7EF31308B23325109) and for some reason I still can’t get access to the vip material. my username is steph2 thanks for your help

  23. pKlopfer2 Says:

    Hi Steph,
    I had the same problem and found the following workaround:
    After renewing your account you should have gotten an email with an activation link. Open this email, click on the link and hopefully you will be redirected to a signup-window where you have to specify a username, password and email address.
    But beware, you cannot use your present username and email, instead you have to define new ones.
    It’s like you are a completely new user.

    Hope this will help

  24. stephx Says:

    weird procedure but it works now, thank you

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