003 – VIP – Las Vegas

This English learning podcast is about going to Las Vegas with a friend.

This is a
VIP Lesson

7 Responses to “003 – VIP – Las Vegas”

  1. lee Says:

    i really appreciate it

  2. seggt Says:

    im english learner in china.any one who wanna study english pls add me as your friend at skype or msn,


    hope talk to u guys soon

  3. moteldanny_2008 Says:

    Yo , this one is pretty dope , keep it up , guys!!!

  4. frau sho Says:

    this e-book pdf file seems to be broken, doesn’t it?
    Andy, could you kindly restore it please?
    Thank you for your help!!

  5. blondgirl Says:

    please do something with this pdf file here..really want to know the whole conversation..

  6. 02quintero76 Says:

    I am so angry becouse can not see the transcript. I remember the trancript was below every single title.but now it is impossible for mi to see it,

  7. Schlaumeier Says:

    And right away after listening to podcast I’ve got unceasing desire to watch Hangover yet again :D

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