004 – VIP – Market Research

This VIP ESL podcast is about doing market research before starting a business

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4 Responses to “004 – VIP – Market Research”

  1. seggt Says:

    im english learner in china.any one who wanna study english pls add me as your friend at skype or msn,


    hope talk to u guys soon

  2. maxim Says:

    What a wonderful sound quality in VIP section? I mean… it was good before, of course, but now it’s great. Your voices sound much deeper and cooler. I guess it’s because of the new studio… and because of your personal improvement as well ;o)

    Btw, the language in this lesson is pretty good. I love this topic about market research and all that stuff. Actually, I have a question. What’s the difference between “market research” and “marketing research”? I mean it’s quite common to say “marketing research” as well, right?

  3. Andrew Says:

    Thanks for the comment Max!

    I actually didn\’t know the difference either. I just looked it up online on a few sites. Here is a link to a pretty good explanation of the difference I think. Hope this helps!
    Market Research

  4. moteldanny_2008 Says:

    Very promising lesson and good quality too , love it , two thumbs up !!!

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