005 – VIP – TV Talk

In this VIP ESL Podcast you can learn about a great TV show to help you improve your daily conversation ability in English.

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  1. maxim Says:

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for your advice. I’ve never heard about this sitcom before. It’s pretty hilarious, I must admit ;o) I downloaded the first season and now I watch it with subtitles and there’s a bunch of real language in here. I love it!
    Also thanks for this wonderful lesson. “Short, but sweet” like we say ;o) Looking forward to another ones. I hope it’ll we maybe a little bit longer ;o)


  2. pm778 Says:

    Hi guys,
    You are acting the right way, getting material for you podcasts from real and interesting situations and from sitcoms. I like it.

  3. pm778 Says:

    New season “Breaking Bad” is coming up soon, which I like. And I like – Weeds, Community, Ideal and …

  4. thamina Says:

    I really love your lesson.I learn lots of idoms,slangs from you guese.It,s really help my deally life.I alreaDY bought your lesson and it,s really usefull. I really aprecheat that.Is it possible to give some podcast with writing like you gave before American telephon conversion. I really love that. My hasbend quite surprise when i use them . He also like your podcast.Thank you for both of you to help improving english.

  5. Delia Says:

    I HEART “Two And A Half Men”, and “Hung”, a less known TV show aired on HBO. Hilarious & sexy. I enjoy both very much, like your podcasts.

    A Veeeery Uptight Fan

  6. Paul King Says:

    I didn’t like this TV show when I saw it first time, but after while I started to like it. I don’t know if you know the show DEXTER. I resume you probably know the show because it’s absolutely perfect, but if you don’t I would like to highly recommend to watch it. Today just going to star seventh season on the Showtime channel. I’m going to write a little blurb about this amazing TV show:
    Dexter Morgan appears to be the perfect gentleman, played by Michael C. Hall. He leads a normal, pretty quiet life working as a forensic officer for the Miami police. He has a beautiful, shy girlfriend and is liked by her young children from her first marriage. But Dexter has a secret hobby. He is an accomplished serial killer. So far he is killed dozen of people and has never been caught, because he knows exactly how to dispose of the evidence. And there are those who would rather wasn’t caught at all, because Dexter is a serial killer with a difference. He only kills the city’s bad guys. Then Dexter’s well-organized life is thrown into chaos. Another serial killer is invading his territory and he wants Dexter to come out and play… This TV show makes you like serial killer as your favorite hero. After finishing this movie, watcher will have only one thing to say: “Dexter is one of the genre’s most original, compelling character to appear in years”. I personally think it’s definitely worth watching TV show!

  7. Dedewise Says:

    i watch this sitcom tv show here in Rio city, Brazil. They are really funny…. pretty hilarious. This was a good english vocabulary, i’m sure i’ll make progress by listening them continually… Thank you

  8. jjmartinezf Says:

    Yeahhh, guys. It’s a high level for me, but I’m sure that this lessons improve my English.

    Best regards,


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