006 – VIP – Super Slang

VIP ESL podcast about super slang. Learn English words you would never see in any textbook and learn to speak English like a native

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9 Responses to “006 – VIP – Super Slang”

  1. Oberholzer Bea Says:

    Hi Add and Andrew, Another amazing great lesson! Thank you so much. I extremly love your lessons. All of them. Hold on! By, greatings from Switzerland, Bea

  2. Alice Says:

    i luv when andrew says SUCK~ soo seeexy~
    im always listening it alone.. in my room.. without light.. o..yeah..
    according to this lesson i know plenty of gays more than i thought i did.. also, i think i love those people who does talk trash all the learning loads.. love your sexy voices as well..

    loads of french wet kisses from Korea

  3. Valerie Says:

    Good lesson as usual, guys. Maybe when I was a very young girl I liked cool guys more. But very soon I understood that dorks, nerds and geeks are better, they are more interesting. That\\\’s awful if the guy is good-looking and big joker but sooo stupid and you have nothing in common at all. I myself is kind of geek, love books, have two diplomas with honor, but also pretty good socially.:) I think any person is able to be perfect at everything if he/she really wants.
    P.S. I also find your voices beautiful, Andrew and Add

  4. almostAmericanbro Says:

    Interesting story Valerie. But why not to help those cool laid dude their inner nerdy. i mean noone has to selttle for nerds =D

  5. almostAmericanbro Says:

    Interesting story Valerie. But why not help those cool laid back dudes find their inner nerdy. You can be lazy and seetle for a nerd, but if you know what you want ( which is this case im not sure you do ) you should be testing your luck on a “cool guy” (hahaha) who wants to be nerdy but finds it hard to be without bieng judge.

  6. Valerie Says:

    I know what I want, dear almostAmericanbro :) And, you know, not every cool guy is stupid, of course, some of them is pretty well-rounded and it\\\\\\\’s wonderful. But most of them is quite selfish and that\\\\\\\’s not good trait for me. Of course, if the guy is cool, intelligent, generous, a little self- conscious, kind and… oh, that\\\\\\\’s the guy of my dream :)

  7. pm778 Says:

    I liked this podcast, really spicy words and very interesting.

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