016 – VIP – Accounting

Learn about bad accounting practices in this VIP ESL podcast. Learn real English for business and accounting.

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2 Responses to “016 – VIP – Accounting”

  1. maxim Says:

    Hey guys!

    Short but sweet! There’s a lot of great stuff as usual. I especially love this one – cooking the books!

    Yeah, big corporations are accused about this stuff at times. Cause there’re lots of morons in there doing this sh*t, pushing absolute crap. These guys cook the books like “accounting chefs”, push craps, and take lots of perks and huge bonuses! Taking these facts into consideration, it’s amazing that nobody really cares about that at all!

  2. seggt Says:

    im from china.i wana practise english with non-chinese speaker. no offense to my fellow citizen only for laguage reason
    my msn is
    skype: cszero_marketing

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