025 – VIP – Health Foods

Learn about marketers tricking people into buying unhealthy foods while improving your English and your life

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VIP Lesson

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  1. ArturSalvador Says:

    Hi Add and Andy!!!! Great lesson again. I really appreciate what you have been doing for us!!!! Its very special for, students of english as second language, ha ve an such great teachers!!! I’d like to know more about how we can be prepare for job interview in English. What most common question they usually to ask or something like that. Because I’ll go to make a interview here in Brazil and I want to be prepared!!!
    I really love to hear you guys!!!


  2. kscsc2002 Says:

    What a great lesson!! Sometimes a monolog helps a lot than a normal conversation dialog in my opinion. Anyway I really enjoyed it and I am gonna listen again soon. I hope everyone enjoys this one.
    Thanks a lot. Add and Andy.
    Have a nice weekend.

    Fort Collins. Colorado
    Sung Kim

  3. Oberholzer Bea Says:

    Hi Add and Andy! Thanks a lot for this great lesson: I like this topic very much, we are confrontated with it every day . It’s important to be conscious on all that food marketing and to know all these tricks how they try to make people believe that something is healthy but it isn’t healthy at all, it’s rather a big mislead, it’s only a way to make money and so forth. One single thing I wanted to add is that not only do we have enough vitamins and minerals in our normal diet, so we don’t need all this supplement staff. As far as I know, it’s not proven at all, if vitamins isolated from the food they belongs originaly have the healthy effects tthat is claimed. What we know for sure, is only that vitamins have a healthy effect in the apple, in the orange, in the carrot, in the cauliflower and so forth, but whether they have any effect anywhere else out of their original place (in icecream, in pills, in fastfood): who knows?
    By, thanks again and go ahead with these interesting topics!

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