028 – VIP – Business Network

In this VIP English podcast we have another business English conversation about using your business network to get a new career opportunity.

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VIP Lesson

4 Responses to “028 – VIP – Business Network”

  1. Silva Says:

    Hi guys,

    I was hoping the free lessons would continue forever… However, I finally bought the VIP lessons and have been absolutely loving them! To me, the style, speed, and full transcript are much better than before. I used some of the new business stuff in a job interview and the guy was super impressed. I owe it all to you two guys. Great work. Keep it up.


  2. Sandy Says:

    Hi Andy and Add,

    I totally agree with Silva. I bought VIP about 2 weeks ago. Amazing work. Until then, I was just hoping for the free stuff. I almost hated you guys then. Haha. (Don’t worry, I don’t now) Unbelievably, I had a very similar experience in a job interview last week! I applied to work in a major Chinese bank and did very well in an English interview.

    I hope you can share some ideas about online business. I’d like to do some during my spare time.

    Beijing, China

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  4. Schlaumeier Says:

    Great episode here guys.
    I had a similar situation here with some of my acquaintances, they were trying to talk me into going out for a drink yesterday, but I couldn’t just leave without getting things I started done. I often pursue the case if I can and hate to postpone.procrastinate things that I can handle at the moment. So friends somehow found me squirming I told me that it’s all cop out..and you’re beating around the bush..
    oh not only I can’t lie properly, I can’t offer excuses either :/

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