035 – VIP – Tiger Woods

In this English listening podcast we discuss Tiger Woods and his recent news. We discuss his story while learning English. Improve your language and communication abilities

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  1. Yogi Says:

    Hi guys,

    This lesson had it all, great English, modern story, and absolutely hilarious. I heard something about this in the news in my native language but you guys do a much better job than those people on TV. My English has improved so much from all your help. Thanks so much.

  2. greatman Says:

    i want to learn speaking English

  3. Sara Says:

    Hi guys,

    Merry Christmas! My boyfriend bought me this VIP section as a Christmas present and we’ve been listening together and learning a lot. I think he wanted it so he pretended it was a gift for me. Two birds with one stone. Anyway, we’re both loving it and enjoying every show. Hope all is well with you guys.


  4. Cheating, Divorce, Money, Culture… | Blog Says:

    [...] Note:  Add and I already did a podcast about Tiger Woods and what happened with his wife.  Here is the Tiger Woods podcast [...]

  5. Schlaumeier Says:

    ye it’s kind of weird to me seeing people gossip about people thta have been shown on TV, because basically it does relate to them at all and they better think for themselves instead of meddling others affairs

  6. Schlaumeier Says:

    I’ve been listening to your podcasts for already four weeks
    and I’d say, the most interesting part of the podcast is part where you’re free to speek, sometimes stepping out of general guidline ,really curious to hear out your take

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