037 – VIP – How to Succeed

Learn how to succeed in life and how to succeed in your English language learning in this ESL podcast about success.

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16 Responses to “037 – VIP – How to Succeed”

  1. britdam007 Says:

    Like always you guys are simply rocking………

  2. Umar Says:


    A great way to start the new year! I\’m going to try this awesome plan starting today. I listened this morning and now have more energy and confidence to start my day

    Forever fan


  3. Felicity Says:


    I love lessons like this where I can learn English in addition to something else like success. I usually don’t buy stuff online but your product is really different. I was used to the free lessons, but then I suddenly realized, this is so much cheaper and way better than learning English in some boring useless school. Your VIP lessons are really amazing and I’m sure I’ll now be a lifelong member. I will try your advice from today’s great show.

  4. Evan Says:


    This is an amazing lesson with a great ideas to help me improve my life. I want to become richer this year and I will use the ideas from this lesson to make this happen. I really never thought of this stuff before but it makes a lot of sense. Great Job!

  5. Carlos Says:

    Hi guys,

    I’m from Spain and joined the VIP a month ago. I thought this was going to be for Chinese people only but I realized that it is awesome for anyone learning English. I told my German friend and Korean girlfriend about this site and they love it too. Just wondering about why it is china232? Anyway, this is probably my favorite lesson of them all and I just wanted to let you know. Happy new year from Spain!

  6. Marc Says:

    Incredible lesson guys!

    I’m loving your newest stuff. I just wanted to tell you that I saw the movie Avatar today. I realized that I could understand so much slang from the movie because of listening to all of your shows. It was such a cool experience. If you see the movie, maybe you could do a show on your opinion of it.


  7. simone Says:

    ill start right now!

  8. maxim Says:

    Hey guys, what about new ones? Please don’t say you’re on vacation ;o)

  9. Oberholzer Bea Says:

    Hey Add and Andy, I do a bit worry about you and hope everything is ok with you? It’s the first time since the beginning of VIP that you are kind of late with the pods..

  10. ABBAS Says:

    great lesson,great subject,
    honestly this is my problem too,I’m going to do your suggestion and change myself in new year.
    thanks a lot……. great brothers

  11. simone Says:

    your program is awesome. the only problem is that is too much hilarious and then i start to laugh.. and i would say that, that is ok.. but it is not ok when im working out .. yesterday i was about to get hurt by the chest press machine ..

  12. andy Says:

    Hey Simone,

    Funny thing you mentioned that about the chest press. I went to the gym with Add today and we were also doing chest. I tried to make him laugh a couple of times while using the bench press. Luckily neither of you got hurt. Glad you are enjoying the show


  13. ina Says:

    please show your podcasts for free sometimes

  14. Giaour Says:

    Hey guys,

    It seems something is going wrong with the download of this episode’s PDF description, please check it out, thx~

  15. pm778 Says:

    30 day challenge – excellent!
    Very informative and useful topic. Thank you guys.
    But I just wonder – how did you know it?

  16. Schlaumeier Says:

    I’m trying to spare, or how you say put in a solid hour listening to various podcasts on daily basis. I have to admit after two month hearing english speech I feel much more capable getting the meaning. Ya 30 day chanllenge works like a magic :)

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