038 – VIP – Power Slang

In this ESL podcast we talk about super slang and the more subtle ways of how to make you more like a native English speaker

This is a
VIP Lesson

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  1. add Says:

    Hello everyone,

    Sorry for the delay. I had it ready a few days ago and am not sure what happened. Anyway, it is up now. If there are any problems with it let me know!

  2. GUY Says:

    Hello guys, I haven\\\’t received the sound and the the text of the 38 th lesson.
    For the others lessons all is O.K.
    Bye bye

  3. GUY Says:

    Hello guys, I haven\\\’t received the sound and the the text of the 38 th lesson.
    For the others lessons all is O.K.
    Bye bye

  4. andy Says:

    Hey guys,

    Is anyone else still having a problem with getting the sound and text of lesson 38? Add will be home in about 3 hours and i’ll get him to fix it right away if there is still a problem. I would fix it now, but unfortunately I have no idea how to do that part. Add is the expert, too bad he a brother who is “tech stupid”. Sorry about any delay or problems. It will be up soon.


  5. Angela_62 Says:

    Hi Add and Andy,
    I also can’t download the lesson 38. There is only the text but no buuton to download it.

  6. add Says:

    I found out what the problem is. It should work now!

  7. Kevin Says:

    Hey guys,

    It’s working. Great lesson as usual!


  8. rentoon Says:

    Hey guys, another great lesson by the way.
    Since you requested for making a feedback, so here is mine.
    It’s my first comment since I signed up to the VIP section. I assure you that all your efforts paid off. My English is getting better and better as I listen to your podcast. I find your lessons very helpfull and stimulating as well. But I think we shouldnt forget to put all those words and phrases into practice.
    I know it can be a problem especially for those who live in a non-English speaking countries. Its funny because sometimes when I listen to you I come to the conclusion that I know English well. Obviously I dont.
    I’ve been going to the private conversations once a week where I can make a use of your stuff. My teacher is often impressed by my vocab. ‘Where did you find it’ He asks.

    Comming back to to VIP section. I transfered $ 75 to your account without hesitation. I did it not only to get a permission to the new episodes which was also tempting but also to THANK YOU for the previous ones.
    If your podcast had been still for free I would consider making a donation to you beacause I’m convinced its worth it :)

    cheers from Poland

    Adam rentoon

  9. britdam007 Says:


    I am confident that I can speak to any native speakers of English(U.K,US Or Canada) without any hesitation.Your lessons have magically helped me to improve my English drastically and I mean it.

    Cheers mate

  10. funpianist428 Says:

    wow what a sprit. that was pretty boss yeeah
    Hey I would like to suggest you some site that I can learn some good sense of humor it has some funny news articles.
    EX:Kim Jong Il Announces Plan To Bring Moon To North Korea.
    It’s so much entertaining than Vancouver sun fo sho hehe

    Thanks guys

  11. funpianist428 Says:

    check this too :)

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