040 – VIP – How to Retire Early

This English lesson is about how to retire early. Learn about English and improve your life. Don't work too long and retire early.

This is a
VIP Lesson

4 Responses to “040 – VIP – How to Retire Early”

  1. cici Says:

    This is my favorite lesson! I think it is really interesting because it really made me think about my life and what I want to do with it. You guys always have great ideas. My English is pretty good but I really love your newest lessons because I’m learning some of the words that I always was confused about but didn’t really know what they meant. Now I can use all of them thanks to you guys!

  2. Ricco Says:

    I also liked this lesson for me a lot. it was interesting. I would like to hear more about these kinds of topics because I want to retire early..haha. For me I like to work but just at things that I enjoy. I think I’m like you guys because I want to create a fun life for myself.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that I enjoyed the lesson and this kind of topic. I have been listening to your lessons a lot and am really starting to get comfortable understanding movies with a lot of slang and talking to some of my American friends. They can’t believe that I know some of the vocabulary that I now know.

    Ricco, Brazil

  3. Horst Says:

    Hi guys,
    very good topic, really! Who doesn´t want to retire earlier and enjoy living with family and friends. To work till the age of 65 or 67 is horrible. The stress and the pressure on workplace in increasing rapidly so also I try not to work the full distance. Live is too beautiful!

    The key is how you both mentioned to put money away regularly for your own private pension and to live within your means.

    I enjoy our weekly lessons very much and I`m looking forward for your next ones!

    Good Luck to you both,

    Horst, Austria

  4. summer Says:

    thats a good living and in shanghai now who want to buy a house it is difficult because it is too expensive.

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