041 – VIP – Business Secrets 4

This is the final podcast in a four part series on Business Secrets. Learn English for improving your business and your life.

This is a
VIP Lesson

4 Responses to “041 – VIP – Business Secrets 4”

  1. Gloria Says:


    Hope you are enjoying your Thailand trip. Sounds like an awesome lifestyle to me. I’m always interested in your new lessons and learn so much from them. It seems like you guys are really going in the right direction in your life and I really think carefully about your lessons and your advice for business and life. I’ve tried some of your suggestions and I’m already seeing results in my own life. At the beginning of listening to you guys, I was too shy to even leave a comment because of my brutal English level. I’m sure I’m typing some mistakes still but I feel confident and I know I’m really improving. Keep going. Looking forward to next week.


  2. Louis Says:

    Very interesting lesson again. You guys have got me thinking of some new stuff that can really help me in my business. I hope you do more of this style of lesson. I’m really loving what you guys are talking about in your newer lessons.

  3. Rashim Says:

    Absolutely fantastic lesson as you guys promised.

    You are really getting better all the time and it’s helping my English out like you wouldn’t believe!
    Truly thanks for your work


  4. Taz Says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Andy and Add, you guys are really making such a positive difference in my life and English level. I’ve listened to all your shows since the first one, including the VIP section. I can’t wait to hear more about your Thailand vacation. It sounds sweet! I’m trying to follow your advice and live the same kind of lifestyle as you guys.


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