046 – VIP – Avatar

In this English learning lesson we give a review of the movie Avatar. Learn to express yourself in English with this lesson about a movie review

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5 Responses to “046 – VIP – Avatar”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Hey guys,

    Glad you made it back from Thailand in one piece! This is a great lesson. I saw the movie too and I had some similar feelings. You guys are super cool and hilarious! Loving every minute of the VIP. Great work!


  2. Kalvin Says:

    You guys are seriously kicking ass!

    This VIP section is unbelievable. I have already got my money’s worth and I’ve only had this membership for 2 weeks. Great topic on this one too.


  3. Gloria Says:


    One word to describe this lesson and your whole VIP section.

    I can’t wait till next week. This website is making my life a lot more interesting.


  4. macrojd Says:

    haha the peaceful guy was definitely canadian hahahah
    You are right, the movie was so lame that I wished with all my heart the movie didn’t win the Oscars. And it didn’t hahaha

    I’m going to move to Canada in a few months, pleace make a podcast about your country!

    Thanks for your work guys

  5. Paul King Says:

    Hey Guys, I have to say something about this movie. You’re right that the movie doesn’t have a great dialogue but the point was how people are acting. Our race is like a virus which attacks, destroys, multiplies, exploits and moves further. The people are greedy and they want to control everything around them. Why can we not appreciate what we do have? Anyway, I wonder what James Cameron prepares for us next time. Today the film is the top of 3D movies!

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