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ESL podcast about useful phrases for spoken English that are helpful for everyday use

Phrases and Vocabulary used:

Pot head – This is a slang term for a person who smokes marijuana a lot.  “Pot” is a slang term for this drug.  The stereotype is that this person is usually quite slow and lazy.
Some sentences could be,

  1. He seems like a pot head
  2. I used to be a bit of a pot head in university
  3. I think there will be a lot of pot heads at that party.

Wannabe – This is a slang term to describe someone who tries to dress, or behave like someone they admire.  It is a negative word.  It comes from “Want to be”.
A wannabe movie star for example is someone who isn’t a movie star but they pretend to be.

Freak of nature – A freak of nature is someone who seems to have some kind of unusual and incredible traits.  For example, if someone is 2.3 meters tall you could say they are a freak of nature.  If someone is amazing at many sports but they don’t train very hard you could call them a freak of nature.  It isn’t always a good thing; it’s not always bad either.  It depends on the context.

Control freak – A control freak is a person who needs to be in control of everything.  They need to have everything done in their own way.  They are very inflexible and get irritated if they don’t control how everything is done.

Basket case – A basket case is someone who is completely hopeless and useless.  They are incapable of doing many things.

  1. He’s too much of a basket case to even know how to apply for an email account.
  2. She doesn’t even know how to read a map!  She’s such a basket case.

Geek – A geek is a person who is usually very intelligent in terms of education, but lacks social skills.  A geek is basically the opposite of someone who is cool.  They are usually thin and not good-looking.  Geeks are usually not good at sports but they are excellent with computers.  This word is unkind of course.

  1. She’s really cool now.  It’s hard to believe that she was a geek in high school.
  2. He seems like a bit of a geek at first but he’s really not once you get to know him.

Doormat – This word describes a week person who is easy to take advantage of.  They don’t stand up for themselves.  A doormat is a small carpet that gets walked on all the time.  This is basically what this kind of person is like.  If you can’t say no to anyone and let people treat you poorly, then you are a doormat.

Slave driver – This is the kind of person who makes other people work very hard.  It is not a nice term.

  1. He’s so stressed out at work because his boss is a real slave driver.

Puppet – A puppet is a slang term for a person who’s actions are controlled by someone else.

  1. That government leader is just a puppet.  He’s not saying what he truly believes.
  2. I hate working for this company.  I can’t voice my own opinions.  They want me to be a puppet.

Suck up – A suck up is someone who acts like someone else is so great just because they want something from them.  A suck up compliments the other person and acts overly nice in hopes of getting some reward.

  1. He is such a suck up.  He always tells his teacher that he is the best teacher in the world.  I know he is just trying to get better grades.

    She’s been sucking up to her boss lately because she’s hoping to get a salary raise.

3 Responses to “055 – Useful Phrases | ESL Podcast”

  1. Maca Says:

    Hello friends,

    something wrong is with the podcast. The record is very fast and it is not possible to hear.

    Nice day.

  2. superpelon34 Says:

    it looks for me that is right i can hear it just perfect probably is something wrong with your computer

  3. Paul King Says:

    Hi Guys, I just wanted to tell you that you have used some bad examples for the phrase: “Basket case” In North America people would say that it means:”A person who is mentally incapacitated, really nervous or a person who is helpless or incapable of functioning normally, especially due to overwhelming stress or anxiety.”
    For Examples:
    I was so worried about losing my job that I was a complete basket case.
    He always gets nerve around girls. He is such a basket case.
    She was a basket case when she got lost in the forest.

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