055 – VIP – Sexy Girls and Makeup

Learn how to speak slang like a native English speaker in this English lesson about sexy girls and makeup

This is a
VIP Lesson

3 Responses to “055 – VIP – Sexy Girls and Makeup”

  1. Cherry Says:

    Hey Andy and Add,

    This lesson is really useful for me and there are so many awesome words I learned from it that I will use. Really hilarious topic and story.


  2. Joze Says:

    Awesome lesson guys!

    I totally agree with your tastes on what looks sexy on girls. Great vocab again


  3. Oberholzer Bea Says:

    Hey Andy and Add

    Yes, I also do agree: another very sweet, smart and subtle lesson. With this one you hit the nail on the head what concerns sexy looks on girls. I like the sensitive topic, and it’s great that you show your personal opinions on it. Go ahead!

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