056 – VIP – Flight Attendant

In this English lesson we talk about cultural differences between the East and West and becoming a flight attendant

This is a
VIP Lesson

4 Responses to “056 – VIP – Flight Attendant”

  1. Jordan Says:

    Hey guys,

    I bought the VIP today after your trial lessons. I listened to this lesson first and want to say that it’s awesome and helping me so much. Great study advice you gave too. I’m going to use it for each lesson.


  2. Lim Says:

    Everything you said in this lesson was very interesting. I’m from Korea and many girls here want to do this job. You guys have a lot of experience about Asia and the western culture difference I think. I am learning a lot from this.

  3. TUKTUK Says:

    I didn’t know that flight attendants are less popular in norh America. But yes, to think of it now, western flights (including european flihgts) tend to have older people on board. In Japan, it’s one of the hardest jobs to get for sure.
    Interesting stuff.

  4. PetLahev Says:

    Hi, will see if you read old comments :-)
    I’m really curious what was your time, Andy :-) of course if you remember, it was a yer ago…

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