058 – VIP – Sweet Apartment Ideas

In this VIP English learning podcast we talk about making a business deal with a friend and making money on your apartment when you go away on vacation

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  1. TUKTUK Says:

    Thank you for another story with good terms.
    This lesson reminded me of the house I was renting in Australia. Originally, I rented this whole house with 3 rooms, front/back yard, garage space with my mate. Eventually, the other moved out so later on I sublet two rooms.
    I set the rent for them according to avarage room rents that I could see from notice boards at schools and restaurants. This almost made the amount that I was paying as the tenant of the house. I was really lucky one.

    Now I live in Japan. Housing/renting scenes are very much different from down south. I hear a little bit but definitely sharing a house or rooms is not very common here.

    How about China? and everyone’s country?

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