064 – Buying Tickets 2 | ESL Podcast

English listening skills can be practiced while hearing this ESL Podcast about buying tickets. It is a continuation of lesson 063.

English Learning Conversation

A: How did it go last night?

B: It was an emotional roller coaster. At first we were excited to go because we thought we’d get in no problem. Then when we got there we found out the tickets were selling for a lot more than we’d planned, which almost made us leave. We finally made a deal with someone to get cheap seats, but after waiting around and freezing our butts off for 25 minutes, that deal fell through for some stupid reason that I still haven’t figured out.

A: So did you guys end up leaving?

B: We were going to. After the deal fell through we started walking back to the car and heard a voice shout out, “Who wants free box seats?” We were obviously skeptical of that so we just kept walking. All of a sudden, a guy ran up to us, handed us the tickets, and said, “Go enjoy the game guys, my girlfriend got food poisoning all of a sudden and I need to take her to the hospital”. Before we even had a chance to thank him, he was gone. His tickets were amazing too. Box seats!

B: That’s unbelievable!

A: I know, the only annoying thing was that the match ended up being really short. Federer absolutely smoked Roddick in straight sets.

B: That’s still awesome though!

A: I know, it was quite the night.


Emotional roller coaster: A roller coaster is a kind of fast and fun ride in an amusement park. Some parts of the ride are fast, some are slow, and some go upside down. The idea is that the ride keeps changing. If something was an emotional roller coaster, it means that this event caused your emotions to keep changing. In a short time you would be happy, then you would be sad, then you would be scared, etc. Watching certain really good movies is like being on an emotional roller coaster.

Freezing our butts off: This slang phrase means that you were really cold while doing something. The idea is that it was so cold, that your butt almost turned into ice and fell off. The next time you are standing around outside in the cold and want to go inside, you could say to your friends, “Let’s go inside. I don’t want to stand around out here freezing my butt off”.

That deal fell through: If a deal falls through it means that originally you made a deal with someone, but before the deal was completed, something changed and it was no longer going to happen. If you made a deal to buy a new apartment, but the landlord decided at the last minute not to sell the apartment, you could say to someone, “the deal fell threw”. In a similar situation, you could also say, “my plans fell through”.

Box seats: These are special seats in a stadium usually reserved for companies or special ticket holders, for example, the president or maybe Roger Federer’s family or friends. They are great seats, and often offer great service with free food and drinks.

Skeptical: If you are “skeptical” of something it means that you believe that it is very possibly untrue. You could say, “although that new product looks really good on TV, I’m skeptical that it would work that well in real life”.

Food poisoning: Food poisoning is a general term for getting sick because of food. It is quite serious during the time that you have it. Food poisoning usually causes people to throw up (vomit) a lot and have a fever. Not cooking chicken well enough is one common way to get food poisoning. If you only feel a little bit sick from the food, you shouldn’t call it food poisoning.

Smoked: This is a slang term, which means to “win very easily”. Did you watch the basketball game last night? It was horrible! My favorite team got smoked!

Quite the night: This little phrase just means, “a very interesting” or a “very memorable night”. You can also use similar phrases like “quite the day” or “quite the time”. If you had a really fun and exciting night the night before, you could say to your friend, “We had quite the night last night. It’s too bad you weren’t there”.

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