068 – VIP – Rich People

In this VIP English podcast we talk about rich people. Learn excellent vocabulary for spoken English with this lesson about the spending habits of rich people.

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5 Responses to “068 – VIP – Rich People”

  1. brown eyes Says:

    Hi Add,

    I couldn’t download the lesson.Kindly check.

    Have a nice day and many thanks for the VIP lessons.I like them and they are amazing ones.


  2. add Says:


    I was just able to download the podcast. Are you still having problems with it and did you try to play it on the site with the player?


  3. summer Says:

    thanks guys, I really like yours podcast and that’s very good.

  4. brown eyes Says:

    Hi Add,

    I could download the lesson Add.Many thanks for your help.


  5. Dedewise Says:

    Amazing lesson! Here in Rio de Janeiro there are a lot of wealth gap. I live in a Slum which is quite near from the beach. A lot of rich people go to the beach and stay at the same spot where poor people stay,too. The haves and the have-nots have fun at the same place, though we don’t have fun together.
    Thank you for the lesson. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST OF ALL TIMES.

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