078 – VIP – Sports Slang

In this ESL podcast we talk about slang for sports and daily life. Learn about some vocabulary and some real life English conversations about sports.

This is a
VIP Lesson

2 Responses to “078 – VIP – Sports Slang”

  1. Xu Says:

    Hey guys,

    I saw that match on TV and totally agree with what you were saying. I also watched it in English. The broadcasters used a lot of the words you were teaching. It felt amazing and was a perfect lesson for sports talk. All these lessons can really help if you study them. You’re right.


  2. Vanessa Says:


    I am a girl and I actually like watching sports. Sometimes my friends laugh at me for not being “girly” enough but there is nothing I can do. This was a great lesson and I think you are doing a great job for the world.


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