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English Learning podcast about staying inside too much and feeling cooped up. Learn English conversation skills

English Learning Dialog

A:  Where are you going?

B:  Not sure yet.  I just need to get out of the house.  I’ve been cooped up all week and it’s driving me insane.

A:  Do you mind waiting a few minutes?

B:  For what?

A:  I wouldn’t mind joining you.  I’ve just gotta hop in the shower for 5 minutes and I’ll be ready to go.

B:  Knowing you it’ll take a half hour.  Hurry up.

A:  Ok.

I just need to get out of the house: This is a common sentence to say when you feel like you have been spending too much time at home.
“I’ve been sick in bed all week and I what I want more than anything is to just get out of the house”.

Cooped up: This phrase means you feel trapped or imprisoned.  You feel like an animal who has been locked in a small cage.
I really need a vacation.  I’ve spent most of the past 6 months cooped up in the office.

Driving me insane: This phrase means, “making me go crazy”.
I’ve been trying to figure out what’s wrong with my computer all morning and I still have no idea.  It’s driving me insane.

Wouldn’t mind: In the context of this dialogue, “wouldn’t mind” actually means, “want to”.  Since the person wasn’t invited, saying wouldn’t mind feels a little more polite.

Hop in the shower: When we are talking about taking a quick shower, we often use the verb “hop in”.  It makes it sound like the whole process will be fast.  “I’ll be ready to leave in 15 minutes.  I’ve just gotta finish this email and then hop in the shower”.

Knowing you: This phrase is used when you think the other person will behave in a certain way based on your experience with that person.
“He said he will be here at 8:00.  I know that’s what he said, but knowing him, he won’t be here until at least 9:30″.

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  1. david Says:

    hi, guys, you are doing a fantastic job! keep doing like now! i have a question…do you know any page where they do the same as you but in other languages (french or german)?
    well thank you again from tenerife (spain)

  2. lily Says:

    Hi, I love your website very much. Really hope I could konw and visit it earlier rather than last week. I have downloaded the all potcasts into my MP3 and listen them at my free time as your recommended.

  3. Jose Carlos Says:

    Hi. Guys.
    I am very worry for you because the last bad news in China.
    I hope you are ok. Please let us know how you are.
    God Bless you Guys.


  4. admin Says:

    Hello Jose,

    Don’t worry! We are both fine. The earthquake was in the south of China although in Shanghai the buildings still shook a little bit.

    Andrew and Addison

  5. Roci Says:

    I\’m happy to heard that you\’ guys are OK after the big earthquake. Thank God .
    anyways I\’m praying for all the people in China including Andrew and yourself .
    God Bless you .
    hugs and kisses
    Rocio Jimbo

  6. Miguel Chavez Says:

    Thanks for your professional and helpful work. Since I discovered your website I heard you a lot and it’s incredible the improvement in listening that I have experienced. Hope you continue helping strange people into this adventure learning English. I admire your vision, creativity and hard work. Also your podcasts are completely funny. It’s an interesting way to learn.

  7. moteldanny Says:

    getting up at 7:15in the morning today, the first thing to do is listening your podcasts , danm, i would say this is one of the most important part in my life, i can’t let it go, i mean listening your program’s already been my habbit now, always love hearing you guys’ voice and you’all hard work will pay off one day, and i hope my English will be improving every day, anyway i will keep plugging along, and you’all keep it up…peace out..

  8. Daniel Says:

    Thank you guys. We really enjoy to listen your powerful voice every day. We’ve been learning too much phrase from you and to top it off we use those every day.
    In a word fabulous.

  9. derlaur Says:

    Great ! Thanks.

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