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A: I’m thinking of looking for a more stable job with a fixed salary.  My commissions have been almost non-existent lately.

B: Don’t do that. In your line of work the commissions are always low at this time of year. You’ve gotta look at the big picture and realize that you’re going to be rolling in it in a few months.

A:  My problem is that money burns a hole in my pocket when I have it.  Then when a downturn hits I’m eating instant noodles.

B:  Then it sounds like changing your spending habits would be a better solution than changing careers.



line of work – The type of work that you do.  An insurance salesman might say, "Appearance is very important in my line of work".

look at the big picture – Looking at the big picture means to look at the entire situation.  Don’t just focus on one small part of the situation. 
Don’t worry so much about not getting that job.  Look at the big picture.  You’re a young smart guy with a good education and some work experience.  I’m sure another opportunity will come along soon.

rolling in it – This expression means to have or get a lot of money. 
He wasn’t making any money for years and now he’s rolling in it.

money burns a hole in my pocket – this means that as soon as you get money you want to spend all of it.

downturn – A downturn is when the economy starts to go poorly. 
You should save some money so that you’ll have some in case of a downturn in the economy.



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  1. kkk Says:

    Damn! this site is fucking great!Thanks,guys!

  2. Igor Says:

    sure it is

  3. Jiameng Says:

    hey guys
    that’s a great essay to help people facing the negative situation.
    here’s my question. “Then when a downturn hits I’m eating instant noodles”.here the “noodles” are not real noodles,right? so what the exact meaning of “I’m eating instant noodles”?

  4. Igor Says:

    Why do you think that it is not real quick preparing and cheap noodles? Like MIVINA :)
    When I listened it for some reason I though guy meant that he ate his internals, that he didn\’t have enough money and ate nothing. Sounded weird but I didn\’t know why I heard that instead of \"instant noodles\" :) The instant noodles is such an excellent bachelor food :) it should be cheap and so he ate it.

  5. Igor Says:

    In trying to proof this I have typed “I’m eating instant noodles” into the Google and the first result was a question “Do you like eating instant noodles?” in Yahoo.Answers. And person who asked this question also stated that he is not poor he just liked them.

  6. Jenny Says:

    u guys funny, eating instant noodles is no matter that he likes or not….

  7. Vins Says:

    the Greastest site ,I ‘ve been seeking lessons like what your guys do all those years.thank god finaly i’ve found it. Even thought I am studying English in Brisbane but all I can do to learn is by sitting on the bus trying to eavesdrop what the local is talking. What the teachers teach is nothing close to what you are doing on this site.I am fully supporting you 2. But what would the local’s feel if I use the slang in my poor spoken english… is it weird?

  8. majid Says:

    hi guys, I realy like to learn english soon becuase i need it .may u please give me some tips about wich books are good or wich webs can help me. thanks

  9. derlaur Says:

    Great ! I really enjoyed and learned from this dialogue.

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