096 – Sleeping In

Learn English vocabulary about being tired and sleeping

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A:  Hello

B:  Hey.  Why haven’t you been picking up?  I’ve been trying to reach you for the past 3 hours.  I guess you forgot our tennis match.

A:  What time is it?

B:  It’s already 9:30.

A:  Really?  I guess my 20 minute power nap turned into a good three hours.  I even slept through my alarm

B:  What were you so tired from?

A:  I only got 2 hours sleep last night.  I felt fine all day but I just crashed as soon as I got in the door.  Sorry about that.  Let’s reschedule for tomorrow.

B:  Ok


Picking up:  In this context, "picking up" refers to answering the telephone. 
                     I just called him but he didn’t pick up.

Reach:   If you say you were trying to "reach" someone it means you were trying to "contact" them.  Reach is more common in casual spoken English.  It’s a little less formal than "contact". 

Power nap:  A power nap is a very short nap (sleep).  Sometimes people don’t have a lot of time to take a nap but they really need a quick nap.  We call this a power nap. 

Good three hours:  A "good" three hours means "at least 3 hours". 
                                 How long is the flight from Toronto to L.A.?  I think it’s a good three and a half hours.

Slept through my alarm:  If you don’t hear or don’t pay attention to your alarm clock when it goes off, we call this sleeping "through" your alarm.

I only got 2 hours sleep last night:  In spoken English, we often say, "I only got 4 hours sleep", not "I only got 4 hours of sleep"

Crashed:  In this context, "crashed" means fell asleep.  Sometimes crashed can mean felt really tired.  I felt fine all morning in the office but crashed about an hour after lunch.  I almost fell asleep at my desk.




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  1. Carsten Says:

    Hi Andrew and Addison!

    I know what you are talking about. Based on my own experiences sometimes it is a bad idea to take a power nap because after you would be probably even more tired than before. How refreshed you are afterwards also depends on how much sleep you got the night(s) before, I guess.

    I have listened to all of your podcasts. Thank you for the lessons!


  2. Prinkle Says:

    Hi, Guys,

    This podcast has given me some very good phrases.

    Where did you get such type of topics?

    It’s great once again!

    Thanks for such phrases & vocabulary

    Prinkle, India

  3. canary Says:

    Have a nice weekend !

    recently I have just retrieved China it is really a great site in which give a lot of particular phrases in English , browsing it as my habit to start a work-day, eveyday I eagerly take a new topic.

    Thanks you all

  4. Stan Says:

    Hey,how are you doing?

    I must admit is totally boring thats why i listen only your show on my mp3 player.Well done brothers.Do me a favour and lets discuss about football(soccer),mega please.
    Btw you should visit Prague one day
    Stan from the Czech republic

  5. pau Says:

    how can some people sleep for 20 minutes?
    I have never been able to do that. If I go to sleep I will probably need 2 or 3 hours at least. Every time I have tried to sleep 20 minutes I slept through the alarm, so usually I try to avoid the short naps since I came to grips with the fact I can´t do it .

    Thanks for the Great Lessons!!!

  6. Sinan Says:

    Hi guys,

    It’s been about 2 years since I was informed about this web-site.
    Since then I have been trying to listen to you every night before sleeping.
    After listening your podcast, I tried to find some similar casts. But then I figured out that it was impossible ! . There is no other podcast like yours. Most of them are boring or not interested. I hope that we will be able to follow your podcasts in future as well.
    Cheers from Turkey !

  7. Carsten Says:

    Hi Sinan,

    I think you already know because Andrew and Add have promoted the site in several lessons. I like it but unfortunately there are no new podcast. has also called my attention to!

    If you interested in English podcasts in general I recommend the New York Times podcasts. I hope it is ok to post the link:


  8. Stan Says:

    Hi Sinan,
    hope you have been watching Euro 2008 on telly.You played absolutely fantastic however i cant help myself we had a bad luck with you when you beat us (Czech republic) 3-2.
    Have a great time at china232

  9. Salvador Guzman Says:

    I am listenig from San Francisco Ca

  10. Pako Says:

    WOW, I am listening from Málaga ( Spain).

    You are so good!! I love your funny lessons!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Ibrahim kamel Says:

    Sleep is a tyrant.

  12. monika Says:

    Respected Sirs,
    I found yr website some days back and i have been listening one lesson per day since that day and trying to improve,yr lessons r so good and easy for grasping .thank u so much for helping us.

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