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Our society preaches that wealth will make us happy.  However, as the world becomes richer in terms of material wealth, people are becoming more and more depressed.  Happiness, not material wealth should instead be considered to be the ultimate currency.  A Harvard professor discusses 4 personality types. 

The rat racer - this person constantly makes sacrifices today in the quest for a better future.  He consistently delays gratification because he hopes to achieve some goal.  Ex.  The person who spends his whole life trying to earn and save money, and then dies rich. 

The hedonist – The hedonist lives for the moment.  He seeks activities that will make him happy now while disregarding the potential long-term consequences of his actions.  Ex.  Eating junk food, Spending a lot of money, partying all the time, etc. 

Nihilist – This is a person who does not enjoy the present and also expects an unhappy future.  This person does activities that are not enjoyable now and also are not beneficial to his future.  Ex.  A person who watches TV all day, even when there is nothing interesting on, while feeling depressed and hopeless.

Happy - The happy person enjoys doing the activities in his daily life.  He chooses a lifestyle that is both enjoyable in the present and beneficial in the long term. 
Listening to podcasts everyday is a great way to make you happy.  They are both enjoyable to listen to and beneficial to your future. 

Preaches – To preach means to try to convince someone of something in an almost religious way.  If someone is preaching their idea, they don’t want to hear anyone else’s opinion.  They just keep talking as if they are convinced they are 100% right. 

Material wealth – Material wealth means money.  You could say, "he earned a lot of material wealth from his business success, but he isn’t happy because he has very little free time to spend with his family.

Ultimate currency – Currency is usually thought of as money.  The US dollar and the Euro are two different types of currency.  Currency is also something that has measurable value.  If we say that happiness should be the ultimate currency, it means we should use how happy we are to measure how wealthy we are, instead of using money to measure wealth.



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  1. Prinkle Says:

    Hi Guys,

    I’m feeling proud to be the first to congratulate you on this 100th podcast.
    I was waiting for your century.
    best wishes!

    Prinkle | India

  2. maxim Says:


    Congratulations you guys and all listeners with the milestone lesson!!!

    Love the show,
    listening from Moscow, Russia

  3. TUK Says:

    Congratulations on the great mile stone! I’ve been enjoying since last February but never left any comments for my laziness. So I take the 100th lesson the opportunity to start participating a bit more.

    Thanks for the show and keep it up, guys!


  4. Carsten Says:

    An important and well-chosen topic for the 100th lesson.

    Thank you for bringing us closer to the English language!

    Carsten, Germany

  5. stiles Says:

    thank you for your brilliant work!!

    no.100! ! great. :)

    lei m ,shanghai,china

  6. Jhun Says:

    I really liked the lesson. I learned something big from it.
    Its like hitting two birds with one stone. I can learn English by listening to the podcast at the same time knowing what’s important in one’s life. “Money can’t buy hapiness”.

  7. Darkangel Says:

    thanks heaps for uploading these. you guys are brilliant!

  8. Fabricio Says:

    Hi friends,

    Congratulations on your great and always fun podcasts! I have been listening to them for about 6 months, and I always look forward to the next one! I really enjoy them, and every morning on my way to work, I listen to you on my Ipod.

    Keep up the excellent and high-quality job you\’re doing. Believe me: this is my favorite way of learning English.

    Your friend in El Salvador, Central America.

  9. canary Says:

    Everyday we are all to get happy from nice things like your new podcast listening and cheer yourself to start newday. so….. you are a happy person due to your today effort for promise of success in future, and further you are being worked and have been experience also give sharing or geting love from other…..

    Thank you for your great work!
    listener from Vietnam

  10. Gats Says:

    Hi guys!
    Thanks for your great job! Your show is the most friendly and funny I’ve ever listen to. I haven’t been listen to the latest podcasts yet, but I’m full of admiration for all your work.
    You are probably have a binge on the occasion of 100th podcast :) )
    Have a nice fun!

    Chernivtsy, Ukraine

  11. José Antonio Says:

    I’m not used to comment here! But I want you know that I’ve been learning a lot and having funny because of your job.

    God bless you, guys!!

    José Antonio

  12. Murthuja Vali Says:

    You are doing a wonderfull job keep it up.

  13. ivan Says:

    Rat racers that, made me laugh… never heard that expression. I´m learning so, my english is terrible. Totally an hedonist myself.

  14. Soo Says:

    Congratulations on 100 posting! :)

    I am thinking of what kind of types I am belonging to ..hmm..
    I wanna be happy of course!
    however, I nature..I am racing as a rat! haha~

  15. imen Says:

    i have a nihilistic behaviour.please can sb help+advice me??

  16. afef Says:

    this site is the best of all i visited because since i have discovered it i have learned many many words .

  17. thao Says:

    Thank you for the interesting conversation !

  18. jinweijie Says:

    great episode! i love it!

  19. Vadim Says:

    Really funny and useful podcasts!! Thank you for doing them..

  20. muna Says:

    Hi Add and Andy . It was a brilliant topic about the types of people . I think that we have to live happily in this life . thank yuors so much about it .

  21. mojgan Says:

    hi nice boys,i hope you are ok.please answer my questions . i sent them to you to your e-mail.please!!!!!!i am alone here. please show me the best route to take!

  22. valice Says:

    Thanks for “happy” podcast! Enjoying an every moment of your life is real happiness. And learning English this way is a great pleasure. One may deduce the formula of happiness: pleasure+pleasure+…+pleasure=happiness. :) But none of these pleasures should inconvenience anybody.

  23. javad Says:

    its great guy .mind blowing.

  24. Jinny Pennewell Says:

    Ah, with thanks for the mention , I’m highly honoured

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