104 – Green Tea

Learn about the health benefits of green tea while learning English on this ESL podcast. Another great spoken English lesson

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- Green tea contains high levels of antioxidants.  Antioxidants are particles that remove the charge from the free radicals moving around the body.  Over time, free radicals damage the body.  Free radicals are said to cause cancer, heart disease, aging, and many other problems.

– Green tea helps boost the immune system.  The immune system is the body’s own natural defence system against viruses and bacteria.  If we didn’t have an immune system, we would die from a common cold.  A healthy immune system helps us to get sick less often.

– Green tea helps to suppress appetite.  This indirectly helps people to maintain a healthy weight.

– Green tea helps to stabilize blood sugar levels.  Maintaining stable blood sugar levels reduces the risk of aquiring type 2 diabetes.    


Antioxidants – particles that remove the charge on free radicals

A healthy diet should be high in antioxidants.


Free radicals - Tiny charged particles that act like little magnets, floating around in the body and causing damage to it.

The reason we want to eat a diet high in antioxidants is so that we can reduce the number of free radicals in our bodies.


Immune system – The body’s natural defense system against viruses, bacteria, and other foreign particles that shouldn’t be inside the body.

A strong immune system helps us fight off disease.


Suppress – Suppressing something means to keep it from getting high or hold something back.

Not getting enough sleep can suppress our immune system.


Indirectly – This is a little difficult to define but an example and an explanation will work better i think.

His new job made him really tired and stressed.  Because he was too tired to cook, he ordered a lot of pizza.  He worked a lot of overtime and usually didn’t feel like going to the gym after work.  He figures that his job indirectly caused him to gain a lot of weight.

This means that his new job made him do things that caused him to gain weight.  Ording pizza and not exercising were the direct reasons he gained weight, but his job was the reason he ordered pizza and stopped exercising. 

StabilizeStabilizing something means to keep it balanced.  Keep it so it doesn’t rise or fall a lot.  Her old job really made her emotional.  Her mood has stabilized since she quit.




20 Responses to “104 – Green Tea”

  1. dmgarn Says:

    Hello guys! I don\’t want the taste of green tea, but now that I\’ve heard from you its benefits, I will surely drink it from now on. Thanks for the lesson!

  2. Jack Says:

    Glad to be the first one who leave message for you guys!
    In Chinese we call it “on the sofa ” heh.

    Thanks again :)

  3. Jack Says:

    oh~ i lost my sofa~~

  4. darkangel Says:

    Another excellent lesson guys.

    I cant image the taste of combination of green tea and fruit juice, but i\’ll try.

    I agree with Andrew that green tea doesn\’t suppress appetite too well because it doesn\’t work on me either. Probably it\’s just the feeling of satisfaction of eating food that i\’m indulging in. There\’s nothing about hunger.

  5. maxim Says:

    Terrific! Another great lesson’s here! I’ve so missed it 10 days!

  6. anh vietnam Says:

    ac ac

  7. Katie Says:

    I am commpletely agree with you! Green tea is really great. Especially in summer,it can refresh you well,and keep your health. I like tea so much, black tea in winter and green tea in summer.Scented tea、and there’s also one kind of tea called white tea? is also great!

  8. okyo Says:

    Hello guys! I have just started listening to your podcasts I’m on lesson 42 now to be specific. I have to tell you guys that you are doing a great work it’s awesome. I just wanna request for a lesson but its ok if you can’t entertain this request of mine.
    You see I’m having a hard time about this perfect tenses and my requests for you guys is to tell same story… told in different times (points of view): Past, Perfect, Present, Future.


  9. Bhaskar Says:

    thanks again guys for really nice one, besides learning English u’re loading in lot of information and none’s the better than related to health….anyway please cover the recent olympics and such heroics of Phelps or Bolt in your upcoming podcasts.
    And guys i can’ understand the objective of the security code, i mean do you need one to post comments???


  10. Claudio & Alessandra Says:

    We just returned from a vacation in Grimsby Ontario going to visit our Canadian friends who live over there and we received a lot of compliments for our improved English! And the reason for this is you guys!

    Our friends are still laughing for having used expressions like “pony up” or “gullable”!!

    Thanks a lot for all this, we appreciate all this stuff

    Claudio & Alessandra
    from Italy

  11. HND Says:

    Hi :) ,

    I ‘d like to thank you Andy and Add for your great effort with us :) , and thank you Add for answering my request regarding speaking a little bit slower :) … really nice from you :) .

  12. Sinan Says:

    Hello Guys,

    I have completed all of your lessons. I\\\’m still listening to them over and over again without getting tired of doing so. By the way, I am curios why you are no longer publishing business english stuffs. They were really beneficial. Looking forward to seeing new ones. And also talk show, both you deicided to make some talk show podcasts but we could see only one.
    It will be better if you continue to prepare similliar podcasts. And finally videocasts of course, they were awesome.


  13. Tania Says:

    Oh my god guys.. y just LOVE YOU..


    im from argentina.. and i go everywhere with your podcasts in my mp4 with your excelents voices y just LOVE YOU!!!


    (and your voices are too hot ;) hahaha)

    kiss.. Tania

  14. Soo Says:

    I thought the caffeine in green tea makes us hungry since it helps our digestion.. :S

  15. X.J Says:

    Hey guys, i want to ask an english question. If you are talking on the phone, your friend ask you to go out but at that time you have to OT. so what’s the standard way to tell your friend.

    choice 1. I’m having a meeting at that time.
    choice 2. I’ll be in a meeting at that time.

    I’m a little confused about the use of these two tense. one is be+V.(-ing), like i’m doing sth. the other is will be+V.(ing), like i will be doing sth.

    In the future when you will be doing sth, you could use I’m doing sth at that time or it’s better to use i will be doing sth at that time?

  16. Rita Says:

    Thank for your job very much! It is a great source of listening!

  17. Michael Says:

    This is Michael , I already left some comments on forums, sorry if some of them do n’t make sense! I guess it happened due i was on run(did n’t have enough time). Hope you guys could pick something out of it!
    Any way I guess you opened a really good issue about the importance of having a good diet, life plan and how feel better and so on. And I really thank you two because of those juicy terms!( to avoid plagiarism ; told by Andrew)
    Finally, I remember once Addison said that you’re short in stories, I have some story about myself that can lend you! And I’m positive you are able (with your high intelligent) to paraphrase it, and make another fabulous story of it.

  18. Ibrahim kamel Says:

    Now I realized why my lady is drinking green tea all the time.. She is a chemist specialized in food analysis. Thank you for drawing my attention to the importance of green tea.

  19. putri yulita marindasari Says:

    hi guy…
    i’m putri from indonesia…
    i’m student midwifery sidoarjo indonesia..

    i agree with you..
    it’s wondefull..
    thaks about your information…

  20. Gosina Says:

    Amazing podcast! Thank you so much.
    Every time I’m listen to yr podcast I’m over the moon!!! I listen to other podcasts too but you’re absolutely the best – the one and only!! Thks for yr green tea advice. I used to drink green tea but unnfortunately I stopped it someday. I promised myself to be a green tea drinker again – starting tomorrow!

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