108 – Good Advice

Get great advice while learning English and improving your communication abilities

ESL Conversation: Phrases and Vocabulary Used

You are living in a dream world

- If you are living in a dream world it means you are being unrealistic.  Someone in a dream world is usually being too optimistic.  They imagine great things happening to them but don’t have any real plans to get these things accomplished.  "My dad often tells me that he thinks I’m living in a dream world".

You need to stop taking the path of least resistance

- Taking the path of least resistance means making the easiest choices.  These choices usually are not good long-term choices but they are good in the short term.  Watching TV instead of doing your homework is an example of taking the path of least resistance.  Letting your 8-year-old kid eat a lot of chocolate because you don’t want to listen to him cry is taking the path of least resistance.

You need to learn delayed gratification

- Delaying gratification means to stop yourself from doing something enjoyable now so that you will receive benefit for it in the future.  Forcing yourself to eat healthy food instead of the often more enjoyable junk food is delayed gratification.  Choosing to stay home and studying instead of going partying with your friends is also an example of delaying gratification.  Partying sounds more fun at that moment, but you choose to study because of the long-term benefits of studying.

Stop living in the past

- If you are living in the past it means that you are allowing the past to influence your current life too much. 
Spending too much time thinking about what went wrong with a previous relationship is a good example of living in the past.  Someone who is still upset after breaking up with someone 2 years earlier is definitely living in the past. 



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