114 – VIP – Logos

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VIP Lesson

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  1. valice Says:

    Thanks guys! Guesswork is what some people try to avoide in business, but many talented businessmen have great intuition that helps them to move up. I think their intuition is none other than guesswork. But, unfortunately, not everybody has such powerful intuition :) .

  2. yavuzeryavuz Says:

    Thanks guys.. I really enjoy your lessons. I especially wanted to be vip member not only for the lessons but also to appraciate your efforts for quality learning. I looked through all your lessons and couldnt see any lesson about – food english,restaurant english. I really had problems at the restaurants in Newyork city.. Maybe you too much concerned about business staf:)) By the way for me, you dont need to make a trade trick and make your VIP offer for 37 dollars only for 48 hours.PLease you say it just 37 bucks and delete the only for 48 hours statement.
    DR.Yavuz ERyavuz. Cancer Surgeon

  3. jponcec28 Says:

    You have no idea how grateful I am for your utterly amazing english lessons!

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