116 – VIP – Android and Iphones

In this ESL podcast we talk about getting an Android or an Iphone. We talk about staying with the times and teach phrases and vocabulary for describing the past, present, and future.

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  1. Delia Says:

    I’m ambivalent about these gadgets.

    I have always had these gadgets. I was amongst the first people who had computer, Internet, cell phone, Ipod touch, I phone, IPad, Xbox, Kinect bla bla. I know that some people might think “such a snobbish person” or “she is bragging about it”. Some people looked up to me for having these objects..and it’s such a stupid idea to consider these things a sign of high status!

    The truth is I have always “inherited” these gadgets. I never paid 1 dollar for these things, me as a person I am a poor girl and I am very serious when I say that. First, as a younger sibling in my family I had access to various cool things, because my older brother had always brought home the most modern things, music, technology,etc. Sometimes he let me play with them :) Sometimes, if he’s in good mood, not very often :) The bright side is he gets bored easily! :) My father was a “tech guy” “in his prime”. Since then, as a woman, I am comfortable with wires, gadgets, bla bla bla. Second, I married to a computer guy! He learns the newest things in IT,buys the newest things and of course, I get them after a while. Of course I don’t mind, I like toys starting with teddy bears ending with gadget. Last Christmas, for the first time in my life,I was the first who own the newest first-generation IPad, and it is not inherited!…because it’s a present from my mysterious lover, my husband!

    Interesting pattern I follow in life, hm? :) I thought so :)

    In fact, I consider them just objects, toys, I don’t see them a “sign of high status” bla bla and I feel very uncomfortable when people looks with “admiration” at me or at these stupid toys. Recently, at my French class, my Ipad slipped out from my books and handouts and got noticed. “Ooooo, you have a Ipad!” and the craziness starts…and I can’t change the way they thinks about these stupid gadgets. A second hilarious story happened at the dentist, I was trying to pay and the Iphone slipped out of my purse…actually fell on the floor with a noticeable thud and the receptionist got worried: “Oooo, it was your Iphone??? OMG!” She started to tell me how her IPhone burned irreversibly, after she forgot it in the sun and how upset she was…I told her that she shouldn’t worry about my cell because it fell down so many times and still functions and I personally don’t worry too much. She returned to my bill and …thud! for the second time… from time to time I am uncoordinated but it doesn’t bother me but I don’t like to be in the centre of attention, especially when “I should” do something like everyone else! In conclusion, these gadgets are just stupid toys and they don’t make you happy. On contrary: In our last vacation in Punta Cana, my Ipad was untouched and I didn’t even have the slightest urge to check my emails. It was the happiest time this year so far. I would trade both gadgets for a month or less to go on the beach, amongst poor but relaxed Dominican people, in the sun, walking for hours with my feet in ocean, listening to my old music.
    There 1 thing I like about the toys: it’s nice to connect with and communicate with so many nice interesting people from around the world. But not even this positive aspect is not complete positive: I have the bad habit to check my messages before I go to bed and when I wake up. I overthink about what I read, receive, and write, and can’t sleep anymore…I know, it’s pathetic. Plus, I talk too much. Thanks God it happens only on Internet.

  2. Delia Says:


  3. Delia Says:

    o sa-mi treaca…

  4. Delia Says:

    I look so crazy these days :)

  5. Delia Says:

    my lack of sleep of these days takes its toll on my writing :)

  6. hncuong Says:

    Hi Delia

    I find that you usually say “I talk too much”, but do not worry about taking too much here. We appreciate that as this is gonna make the website alive and get members more active. My English is not in good level so I can’t express a lot here, but I like the way you are talking so much here(if that’s is what you are worrying about). Through your comment i learn a certain stuffs here. Like, I’m usually afraid to use the word stupid such as “that’s stupid thing” or “it is a stupid gadget you have” because I think it might be an offensive way to say. But now, I think the word might not be as bad as I think. Keep on contributing to the site by commenting a lot, lady!

  7. Delia Says:

    Hi Hncuong,

    Thank you for your kind words. In fact, I’m not very worried, it’s just the way I talk to myself. I’m having fun with myself. In fact I like myself with all my weirdness, intensity, and lack of structure. I don’t get bored with myself. It’s funny, as I grow older, I supposed to become more mellow or poise or diplomatic but I’m heading to the opposite direction. About using words like “stupid”, I understand you completely, and is very considerate of you to care about others. But in this particular situation, I’m talking about my own object. The object doesn’t have soul. It can’t get offended. We should care about people and animals but objects comes and goes. They are not important. About your English, you shouldn’t worry about it. We all here to learn. For instance, I read what I wrote on this topic and I know that I made a couple of mistakes but I don’t worry. Next time I will be able to write better. I think the less we worry about English, the more we improve. :)

  8. Delia Says:

    lol I can believe I wrote these things :D

  9. Delia Says:

    (about me :D )

  10. hncuong Says:

    Hey Delia

    In fact, you should consider to be a writer, perhaps a journalist. I think you have a strength of transcending your emotion and passion to your reader. BTW, hncuong is the short of my Vietnamese name, and Charlie is my English name. We have known each other in some recent post comment.

  11. hncuong Says:

    I mean transfer your emotion and passion to your reader. Need to look up dictionary again

  12. Delia Says:

    Thank you very much Hncoung. I appreciate it a lot. In fact I was journalist, the coolest job I ever had. It’s a long story…. If Andy and Add will give me the chance, I might write some interesting stuff here ! …we’ll see!

  13. Delia Says:

    Thank you Charlie.

  14. Delia Says:

    I was radio and TV journalist, I didn’t like TV very much, contrary to what I am doing here, I didn’t like being a public person. I liked the radio the best, the maximum freedom and minimum exposure. These two guys’ voices and the sound blew my mind. I couldn’t believe teaching English can sound so good :D However, I didn’t have enough chances to write. Who knows what the future holds…

  15. Delia Says:

    Anyway, in a very inarticulate way I was trying to say that it would be cool to have a blog in English to play amd write here. that’s all :)

  16. hncuong Says:

    Why don’t you want to have lots of exposure in media, Delia? The more exposure you have, the more money you make, and you can live whatever way you like if you have enough money. You are really a black sheep and to some extent I’m something like you. I want lots of money to travel, to live in big house with garden, to support my wife (I’m not married now, I’m just imagining) and family well, but I also don’t want to be a famous people either.

  17. Delia Says:

    well, my English is not good enough to be a real journalist here. Second, I’m not competitive enough to fight for a great job. third, money is not a great motivator for me (maybe for travel only). I mean of course I want a decent life but a big house is clearly not important. I’m married so I have to take in considertion my husband’s needs too. I’m also too old and bored to believe in miracles like to start over (again) and become a famous journalist and become rich. but this is only me, if it makes you happy to have lots of money and big house, you should try to achieve them.

  18. Delia Says:

    Charlie, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy having these dialogues with you. It helps me a lot to practise English.

  19. Andrzej Says:

    And now something completely different. I paid for the VIP subscription on 17 April 2011 and my account is labeled as expired. As a result I cannot download any conversations. Could you fix it up for me, please?

  20. Delia Says:

    Andrzej, I’m not sure whether they can read all comments (I hope they do) but I would suggest you leave a message on their facebook page china232.

  21. addb Says:


    Sorry for the problem! Please try now.

  22. Delia Says:

    :) and the black thing disappeared :) I love you guys!

  23. Delia Says:

    I luv u Maical Giacson!

  24. Delia Says:

    I dropped my Ipad for the 101th time today. Have you ever seen a cook experimenting recipe directly from Ipad? Why not? The only thing that I didn’t try yet is to mix Ipad with Fettuccine Alfredo.

  25. Andrzej Says:

    Thanks Add. Now it goes like clockwork.

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