120 – MBA

ESL podcast about going back to school and getting your mba.

ESL Conversation

A:  What are you doing tomorrow?

B:  I’m starting my MBA.

A:  I thought you hated business.  What changed your mind?

B:  I do hate it, but I need to start making more money.

A:  MBA’s are a dime a dozen these days.  Are you sure that is the best route to take?

B:  I want to ask my boss for a big pay raise.  I don’t think I’ll be able to get much of a pay raise without an MBA.

A:  Why not?

B:  An MBA will justify my request.

A:  Don’t sell yourself short.  Your boss knows how valuable you are to the company.  You’ve been there for years.  You don’t need a piece of paper to prove anything.  It’s all in your head.

B:  I think you might be right.


Dime a dozen: 
This phrase means that something is not very valuable.  A dozen means 12.  A dime means 10 cents.  A dime a dozen obviously means worth very little money.  It is often used as an exaggeration, but it’s a fun way to make a point. 
Lawyers are a dime a dozen is another common one.

Best route to take:  A "route" is a choice or set of choices.  People have lots of different options in their lives.  Each option is a different route.  Clearly some routes are better than others. 

Justify:  To "justify" something it basically means to prove it is reasonable. 

You are not a kid anymore.  You make your own decisions without having to justify them.

Don’t sell yourself short:  This phrase means, "don’t undervalue yourself".  Give yourself credit. 

Piece of paper:  Sometimes we refer to university degrees as "pieces of paper".  It’s what to say when you want to show that a degree isn’t as important as someone might think.

It’s all in your head:  This phrase means that it is untrue in reality, but only seems true from the person’s point of view.


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  1. Fereidun Says:

    Dear sirs,
    I would like to thank you for your free podcasts, I am an English teacher.
    It is really difficult to download the podcasts, do you have any idead ?\


  2. add Says:


    What exactly is your problem with downloading the podcasts? Is it too slow, or you just can’t download them at all?

  3. Fereidun Says:

    What I mean is that I can only download to listen to them here in my pc, what I like to save them so that I am able to use them for future use.

  4. add Says:

    if you right click on the download button and choose “save link as” it should work for you. Also, you could download itunes and subscribe to the rss feed

  5. maxim Says:

    Hey guys!

    My congrats with such a pleasant \"turmoil\" in your lives! I mean moving in new apartment and new studio, launching a new business model. It sounds really great and I\’m very delighted to hear it as well! I\’m sure you\’re gonna make a bunch of money, rather make a killing, I would say, because of the huge demand for and high quality of your wonderful products! Keep up good work, guys, and thanks for improving my English. I feel you\’ve played a huge role on this one!


  6. Bank Says:

    Thank you for your full dialog sciprt, I’m appriciate it so much . Good job you guys

  7. Mak Says:


    Actually,I have been listening to your podcasts a few months ago and I thought you two are such a good guys to teach people who want to learn English as a second language by free and wroking as well,however,I really do not know if you can get anything for doing this but I do know you two are a good teacher outside of school and make me speak English like a native speaker even I have never been abord to study or travelling.

    One more thing,I have written comments before in last year about spelling some vocabularies not all of them but you two did not answer me,but however,I do thank you both for great job.

  8. Annie Says:

    I would love to have one of the three bonus lessons as a sample too!

  9. Michael Says:

    guys really love to hear your voices again!
    you are so addictive as a said before.
    wish you the best of luck best brothers!

  10. Tarek Mamdouh Says:

    Hello, Androw and addison
    I have a surprise for you !!!!
    I hadn\’t been bad in english but after i listen to you
    I get an interview and I found my self FLUENT in talking english
    (no searching for words inside my mind and non-stop talking english).
    Sooooooo , If you visit egypt soon,you will be my guests and you will see things you never saw in egypt all for free on my charge as a present for my friends.


    Tarek Mamdouh
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  11. Ibrahim Kamel Says:

    We use that phrase ” a dime a dozen ” in Arabic but we say ” a piastre a ten ” and as we are talking about dimes and nickels, this VIP service will make money talk.

  12. Michael Says:

    i got a question what is the phrase or word used to explain someone who only wants other people to get advantage of them?

  13. Andy Says:


    I guess it depends on the situation, but often if someone is trying to take advantage of someone else we say they are \"using\" them.

    If a girl dates a guy only because he is rich, we say she is \"using\" him.

    We can say, \"she doesn\’t really like him, she\’s just using him for his money\".

    Hope this helps,


  14. Michael Says:

    Thx dear Andy
    to explain the situation better : i’m known to be a top student in university. recently a guy who’s so snobbish getting closer to me, he’s one of those guys who make the friendship or even relationship only to use other people . once andrew described employees who are unexpectedly nice to their boss(to get promotion probably!lol) as people who sucking up to the boss,an adjective of suck might be sucker but it means people who can easily tricked . so i suppose he’s sucking up to me(does not give me a nice feeling) so what would you call this kinda of person?

  15. Andy Says:

    Hi Michael,

    It sounds to me like this guy is using you. If he’s very tricky about it and is good at changing what people think, you can say he is “manipulative”.
    He manipulates people to get what he wants.
    He uses them.

  16. Michael Says:

    Thank you so much Andy
    you guys are rocks!
    let me know if i can keep asking you such a questions like this, coz i’m full of them !

  17. seggt Says:

    im english learner in china.any one who wanna study english pls add me as your friend at skype or msn,


    hope talk to u guys soon

  18. Daniel Says:

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  19. Albert Says:

    Hi. Hey you guys, I love this website, I’ve been listening to all of ur podcasts and I’ve improved a lot the way I speak english. Thanks a lot. Keep it up

  20. Joey Says:

    would you please tell me what does it mean “you need a reality check”

  21. Andy Says:


    If someone needs a “reality check” it means that they need to stop dreaming and get realistic.

    I could say, “You need a reality check if you think that you will improve your English by only studying for only 5 minutes a week”.

    Any time someone is being unrealistic about something, you can tell them they need a reality check. I often need a reality check in my own life. Haha.


  22. Joey teribbiani Says:

    thx, Andy
    i can’t see any problem with your need :) what i do,though is not thinking about furure at all. to be honest, what i dream about never happens, what i don’t happen always which are all awesome!

  23. Joey teribbiani Says:

    To my celebrities B-)
    continuing the reality check issue, what would you call someone who has an extremely possitive attitude, in a way that is way too unrealistic, like you lent me a book after 2 monthes you send me message and i don’t reply,you keep sending messages and still don’t get any reply. after 4 monthes you’re still hoping to have it back, and thinking well maybe he just did n’t recieve my messages(text message),and …
    some say stupid or fool are good adjectives for this guy,they are! but they are general rather specific, can you think of any specific adjective?

  24. larry Says:

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    hope talk to u guys soon

  25. nina Says:

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  26. Matthew singer Says:

    Hi Guys,

    you site is phenomenal, I must admit, truly. Do you feel flattered?:)
    Ok. I have tried many times to download e.g. EBOOK.pdf or 120-MBA.pdf file, however, I have failed so far. Is there anything tricky there or am I so unskillful? Anyways, please help me out, thanks. Matthew

  27. Amr Wady Says:

    Dear Andrew and Andy,

    Firts of all, I am deeply indebted to you and your great effort in free section and i want to invite you to visite Egypt and i will be your guide to show you a wonderful places in Egypt.

    Have a nice day,

    Amr Wady.

  28. Amr Wady Says:

    Hello guys,

    I want to congratulate you on getting the new studio and the new apartment too and i wish you good luck with them and the new free podcast too, Lol


    Amr Wady from Egypt.

  29. Sami Says:

    Awesome, I have learned a lot since I found your website. Thank you very much.

  30. pm778 Says:

    I noticed that – sound in new studio is clearer. Maybe I am wrong, but sound is different and better.

  31. pm778 Says:

    What a coincidence, I am getting MBA.

  32. pm778 Says:

    As for VIP, it`s right. You shouldn’t do all show for free. The show is evolving and getting better. We love your show guys. Don’t give up the show.
    And full transcripts – it’s really cool! But, it would be better at the beginning of the show (at earlier lessons). I mean, when you get this podcast – you understand better and better, so you don’t need transcripts at all, as you listen and understand gays very well.

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