120 – VIP – Friendly Fight

In this ESL podcast we talk about a real life argument with friends. Learn how to argue and speak to English speakers in English.

This is a
VIP Lesson

4 Responses to “120 – VIP – Friendly Fight”

  1. Delia Says:


  2. carlwoods Says:

    Hi my friend is The life of the party I always like his company

  3. sara2625 Says:

    Dear Andy could you please explain for me what does so in “over the past 6 months of so”
    means?I can’t get what it adds or changes in the meaning?
    My BR & TNX

  4. Akira Arakaki Says:

    There might be miss spelling in your text “over the past 6 months of so”, it should be “over the past 6 months or so”.

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