122 – Giving a Presentation

This ESL podcast from is about giving a presentation. We learn English and how you might relax when giving a presentation

ESL Conversation

A:  You look like you saw a ghostWhat’s up with that?

B:  I’ve got to give a huge presentation for work today in front of 20 top execs from the company.

A:  What’s the big deal?  You know your stuff.

B:  Ya but I have bigtime stagefright.  At the end of my presentation the execs will asking me all kinds of questions.  I freeze up when I have to think on my feet

A:  Don’t psych yourself out.  You’ll be fine.

B:  That’s easy for you to say.  You’re not the one who has to give the speech.

A:  If you get nervous just picture the audience in their underwear.  Aparantly that helps.

B:  I’ll do that only as a last resort.

A:  Why?

B:  The execs are mostly men in their 50′s..

You look like you saw a ghost:
  You use this expression to tell someone that they look really scared about something.  If they look white, scared, and their eyes aren’t moving much you can say, "you look like you saw a ghost".

What’s up with that:  This slang question is really asking, "What is the reason for that?".  It is often rhetorical, meaning you don’t expect it to be answered. 

An example is, "Trevor was acting really weird yesterday.  What was up with that?"

Execs:  This is a short form for "executives" which are high level people in a company.

You know your stuff:  This slang phrase can be used to tell someone that they know something really well.

Don’t be nervous about tomorrow’s math test.  You know your stuff.

Stagefright:  Stagefright is when a person is really afraid to be in front of an audience.

Freeze up:  "Freezing up" is the feeling that you can’t move or talk because you are so nervous or scared about something. 

He’s good at the piano but he freezes up when he plays in front of anyone.

Think on my feet:  If you have to "think on your feet" it means that you have no time to prepare something. 

Even if you prepare well for a job interview, you may still have to think on your feet if the interviewer asks you something you weren’t at all expecting.

Don’t psych yourself out:  If you "psych yourself out" it means that you convince yourself that you can’t do something.  It’s a really negative thing to do.  "Psyching yourself out" is when you come up with all kinds of strange reasons and excuses about why something will fail.  Many people don’t try something new because they psych themselves out. 

Picture:  "picturing" something means to imagine something in a certain way.

Last resort:  If you do something as a "last resort" it means that you will only do it after you’ve tried all other options first. 

Some presidents say they will only go to war as a last resort.


94 Responses to “122 – Giving a Presentation”

  1. Shuha Says:

    Hi Guys
    You’re doing awesome job.It’s pretty fun and exciting.But I wanna ask you question :are you talking in a way that you speak to native english speakers or you just speaking in order to be understood for us.

  2. leonie Says:

    Your conversation lessons are really terrific. I enjoy all of them greatly and hope to improve my English significantly with them. Already looking forward to the next lessons!

  3. Junaid Khan Says:

    hi this is junaid khan. i am from pakistan and taking my Ielts test advance or acadamic soon. i still have more than on month left. is this site good for ielts prepration.. does it help? my english is good and i consider myself advance english speaker but i still need help to get good grade. i have enough material saved in my computer. cannot make up mind what to study first. many podcasts and theory. it would be great if you get back to me with some piece of advices.
    best regards
    Junaid khan

  4. Bhaskar Says:

    to junaid,

    first identify your relative weakness, i mean which aspect of listening, speaking, reading or writing do you find little uncomfortable, then complete that first…. i believe it is speaking as is often the case with non native learners…i\’ve found it like wise being a non native…………

    after speaking, move up to writing etc..
    practicing the complete test is very helpful, that helps you to prepare for the test day…so simulate the near test environment…

    bhaskar(contact me at

    P.S. to you guys….you are wonderful as ever……i like your voices more than anything…

  5. Emmanuel Says:

    hi guys, what a great lesson again! it\’ve been longtime waiting for your free podcast, now i\’m pretty happy. thanks a lot.
    soon i\’m becoming a VIP member

  6. Niloofar Says:

    Hi guys =) I\’m a 16 yr old girl from Iran :) your lessons are pretty cool and they really help English students to improve their speaking, I wanted to ask the same question in #1, hope you answer me:)
    by the way Addison\’s voice is far better than Andrew\’s….! Otis, u rock =)like ya guy =)))

  7. add Says:

    Hey guys,

    We are talking in a way that we would to other native speakers. We do slow it down slightly at times when giving examples but the words and the way we speak is the same as we normally do. We also try and enunciate so you can hear all of the words clearly. We aren’t following a script though when we talk on the podcast so it is a real conversation between us. This is why in the VIP section I added the full transcript so you can get every word and phrase that we say in a completely natural way. I hope this clears everything up :)


  8. Ankit Says:

    Hi guys
    I’m from Nepal. This was my first lesson. I found it very useful. I’d sign up. But as far as I know its not possible to pay you guys from Nepal. Anyways, I manage with free lessons.

    I want to ask something. Although, I understand every english movies or tv series very well (understand every word they say) but while speaking in English, I just can’t speak like native people. I have great desire to speak in the NATIVE WAY. But how am I gonna do that?
    Please help me.

  9. Niloofar Says:

    Ankit- In my book you do NOT focus on your speaking, you JUST THINK that you can’t speak, also I’m sure that your listening is far better than your speaking, you do NOT get use to the slang words which really are helpful in English in your speakings, you just improved your listening, try to use the new words you understand when you’re talking , practice them whenever you are out of work or before you sleep, another advice that repeat the sentences you hear in the movies over and over, it really works :) any way, buddy, this comment is just some tips from a young IRANIAN girl :) later.

  10. Hossein Says:

    Dear Niloofar
    I read your comment on July 28Th, 2009. Your writing English is very good.
    I enjoyed.
    Good luck

  11. Niloofar Says:

    Hossein, thanks alot for your compliments, you really sound sweet guy :)
    by the way are you Iranian??

  12. Mahsa Says:

    hey whats up? and what happend since i havnt been in this wonder-ful web site just for a shot time. i think some of iranian freinds{niloofar,… } and I,are in the same boate & i have an advise for my dear freind Ankit i think that I know an exceptionally way to become professional in English & it is using lightner-box belive me that ihave found it is a miracle & it improves your your memory & it twists your arm to just repet and repet the vocabs that you learnd simoutaneously

  13. Hossein Says:

    Dear Niloofar
    Your imagination is right.You have only 16 yr old and from ancient country.How can you learn such fluent English language?
    Good luck

  14. Miki mouse Says:

    that was pretty good, one of those presentations i’d love to give, now though i still don’t know how to dodge the CEO questions , so i’m gonna wait here for the next wonderful podcast. ;)

  15. Kayleigh Says:

    sorry babe, but it seems that ya\’ve started learing english just for a couple of weeks,true? your comment SUX, if you really don\’t know how to speak english why you\’re here, these podcasts are too difficult for ya, or maybe somebody dumb them down for you? can you just go away from this website, we don\’t have enough time killing ourselves to realize what are you talking about.
    by the way can someone translate mahsa\’s comment for me? lol

  16. Miki mouse Says:

    @ Kayl…
    i\’m having a hard time reading your crap comment and keeping a civil tongue in my head, suffice to say you\’re a little immature pri**.
    great hate Tom.

  17. Shirley.W Says:

    Dear Andrew and Adison, I just want to tell you guys i miss you so much,and im still listening the podcast.
    I will have a holiday in Sep,hope can see you when i come back.
    xxoo-Shirley from Doha,Qatar

  18. NooNoo Says:

    Hi guys.I really like your lessons.I’m from IRAN. I just want to thank you.I’m really happy because of Iranian guys.

  19. Niloofar Says:

    hey Noo-Noo, I think we’re rocking! :)

  20. Mahsa Says:

    Dear kayleigh ,at first i want to say that it is none of your bussiness that i still want or dont want to be in this wonder ful web sit . just keep still. and about that you said that you dont understand my comments is your problem not mine. may be you should improve your knowledge.
    how selfish you are where do you com from?

  21. nina Says:

    dear listener , i wich this can be ffunny to talk freely with non stop, so the basic knowledge are important and much more easierto understand.
    i learn some words about business culture and lifestyle wich made me happy and of course i still making effortto lmistening and rezadinfg and focus on alla the phrases that i found out here , i wanaa sk you one quiestion if possible ; how can we made our level of toefl much better than ever im because there are levesl escaped and we dont know were we are we cant define our low level here .

  22. Bhaskar Says:

    Keep cool guys……

    it is turning out to be more of a mini battlefield of jibes and jeers..

    let go folks! we are all here to learn english…… we ought to make an english learning community and help each other….you do not need to belong to a same country or place to do that……..through this site( or internet in general) people all over the world are connected and feel some bond of comradeship….

    well that’s it….
    Take care

  23. Laurici Says:

    Hi…I have a question, please.

    Can I speak the way you do in your lessons if I give a presentation or a more formal English is required?


  24. Niloofar Says:

    I think somebody here is going too far!
    Kayleigh- your problem is not with Mahsa’s typos, it’s with her nationality, obviousley you’re a ra*cist. here is NOT a good website for your nasty comments and we DON’T have enough time to read your comments when you’re just poking fun at others…by the way how old are you, 10?


  25. Mahsa Says:

    hey guys , Im with Niloofar all the way and I think he used to make jibs about my nationality!!!!!!!!!!!! …………………………………………………………………………….. I think he must keep his horses and i need his pleasant like a hole in my head .By the way as a mather of fact I deeply honor that im IRANIAN.
    way out.!/later

  26. Kayleigh Says:

    Oh yeah…I can see how many supportes do you have! now everyone’s attacking me!

    Mahsa- first, I’m not a boy,IDIOT! then, there’s nothing about your country and not your nationality anymore, you went ape soon, cuz you know next to nothing about English, it’s clear from your comments! you have so many faults, not only typos! just don’t try to use much idioms in your comments cuz ya really don’t know how to use them!…and ok, I’ll KEEP my horses! lololol

    Niloofar- actually I’m 22… totally I’ve posted one comment…my nasty commentS?… as I told, I didn’t mean anything about Mahsa’s country, you’re so judgemental, I’m not a ra*cist!… I’m Norwegian. I came here, cuz I found it useful, I’m not gonna poke fun at others, I just told the truth, and again I say Mahsa’s comments SUX, I’m serious, this lessons won’t be useful for her.
    and she acts so rude and dumb: ” maybe you should improve your knowledge!!!” lol

  27. Kayleigh Says:

    Oops…forgot to say something to our dear Micki Mouse!
    dear Mouse:
    there’s 2 solutions for your problem: 1- ignore my comments. 2- get out the way.

  28. Tom Says:

    i got a better suggestion for ya: shut the fuck up bum or go get some manners
    Uncle Tom Sverige

  29. Tom Says:

    what kay.. had said about the other listener just elaborates he\’s an intolerance guy who thinks of his English too much(too bad for him) and certainly not a racist or against some nation or any stupid thing like that coz we\’re just not such those people.

  30. Hossein Says:

    Hi guys
    Andy and Add are back in Canada for yearly one month summer holidays.
    Please study the below theme and leave your comments.

    The British tradition of the seaside holiday began in the middle of the 19th century. The invention of trains and railways made it possible for people to go further, faster. The first holidaymakers were quite wealthy and they took holidays for health reasons. Doctors recommended bathing in the sea and taking healthy walks in the sea air.

    Working class people had very little time off work until in 1871 the government introduced four national holiday days called bank holidays. This enabled people to have a day out and in some cases whole factories would go for a day trip to Blackpool or Brighton for example.

    By the late eighteen hundreds people were earning more money and this meant that ordinary people could afford to take a whole week off to take a holiday and at this time the seaside holiday really took off. Train fares were reduced and cheap hotels were built for them to stay in.

    Holidaymakers enjoyed sitting on the beach, bathing in the sea, eating ice cream and walking along the promenade or to the end of the pier. In the eveningpublic houes restaurants and theatres provided cheap entertainment and holiday makers went there to have fun.

    The English seaside is more popular than ever with more than twenty million visitors to English seaside town each year. Many of these towns are now also popular destinations for people visiting Britain and especially for learning English with Brighton, Bournemouth and Hastings together welcoming thousands of language learners each week during the summer months

  31. Niloofar-16yr Says:

    Kayleigh- as I told you’re going too far, what Mahsa has told is her affair and doesn’t concern you anymore, you’re such a child who’s acting up, you’re one of those guys who has a lot to answer for! obviously you’re no angel, and now just get a life! it seems that you’re really ass out! lol… and about your commentS, yeah their NASTY, simply you proved that! how can ya say you don’t make fun of others when you clearly calling, micki mouse: dear MOUSE!???
    you are so offensive and harsh, now tell me, who’s going ape soon??? lol
    and you have such a pretty name why are you so hateful!?

    Tom- ah, you’ve got a point there, Kayleigh is a ignorant, who thinks her English is awesome! lollll

    *your speaking is not all that, girl! lol

    Mahsa- keep on using idioms, they rock :)

  32. Mahsa Says:


  33. Bhaskar Says:

    Kayliegh and niloofar, your english is very good……

    and Mahsa has a lot to learn to improve her english ….

    …but then this site is not only for those whose english is good……this site is equally meant to those whose english is not good but they want to improve……..if anybody think their english is good they should not poke at others but instead try to help them…..

    and kayliegh, you tried to be frank , but there’s a fine line you know between being frank and appearing rude….if your remarks appear rude to others you should accept it, shouldn’t you? Not everybody feel the same way,, it may have been not so offending for me but some people feel more in their hearts…

    and Tom, mind your language a li’l bit alright…i’m sure add and andy wouldn’t approve of such language….

    lastly , no offence meant to any of you guys….no hard feelings……

    just keep cool and take care

  34. Kayleigh Says:

    Mahsa- Typing in CAPS is rude, like you’re yelling. Everyone knows that.
    and I do need to you repeat it, cuz I really didn’t understand none of your sentences! ( as usual ) lol…hey why don’t ya just don’t try to DON’T use the slangs or idioms that you REALLY do NOT know how to use them???….that’s funny: ” it IS sucks”
    and by the way everybody, I’m a correction pen who is a grandma too! lol

    Niloofar- first, I must confess that your English is pretty good! it’s not like your friend’s (mahsa) at all! and I’m wondering how can ya do it in this age!?
    then, how have I gone too far? By having strong opinion? I think my English is good but not awesome… as yours! I’m not harsh, offensive, hateful or anything that you’ve told me but I’M entitled to my opinion. so don’t be so judgemental!

    Tom- your English is way worse that Mahsa’s! so fuck off!

    Bhaskar- TY!…you are the only one who acted logical!

    WHY are all you guys attacking me!!?…C’mon…gimme a break! lol

  35. Mahsa Says:

    hey kyleigh at first i tell you who are you to judge that my english is sux or it is not? coud you please help me instead of fighting wit me i had told you that im here to just and just learn english more and if i was professor I didnt have any place here are agree? and im just here to under stand my problems and my friends help me to solve them. my dear friend (kayleigh) at first i have learnd from ya typing CAPS is roud by the way do you agree to be my friend and name me like your younger sister?

  36. Niloofar-16yr Says:

    Kayleigh- thanx for your compliments!
    the point is that ya really don’t have a STRONG opinion, so you’re entitled to what? making jokes of others!? the only one who’s acting judgemental is you not me! you’ve started bashing Mahsa, now you claim that we’re attacking ya? why are you trying to pretend innocent? you know why, cause you’re AsS oUt!
    Mahsa comes here to learn English, like all us do…this website doesn’t belong to you, so you aren’t qualified to tell others, go away! you do NOT have this right to tell Tom, Fuck off!!! you’re just a usual member so behave like what you are! and you do need to get a life.

    Bhaskar- I always enjoy your comments, they’re very intellectual…
    you’ve got a point there…Kayleigh needs to take a look at her comments one more time!

  37. NooNoo Says:

    Hi guys,Niloofar & Mahsa chill out please! I’m IRANIAN,too.Don’t discuss with each other.Don’t forget all of us are here FOR LEARNING ENGLISH,just this.Be friend with each other.Dear (( Kayleigh )) your English is pretty good.Please conclude your fighting. Thanks a million. Later.

  38. Tom Says:

    i just have no more quarrel with ya coz usually arguing with a snow ball does not any change beside this is a great web and i’m not gonna ruin it by cursing you. all it takes is to admit you mocked another learner and that is just not the way you should treat a peer. this is why every body has become nasty with you. if you think you gonna bone to pick with me
    i’m impatiently waiting for ya.
    thx for the support hehe

  39. Bhaskar Says:

    Niloofar- last time i said your english is good, but i upgrade it to very good…

    And kayleigh’s got good english too,,, and you know what? this is the root of the problem for me…when your english is very good you expect the same with others….i can safely say that mahsa’s english is not as poor ,on the contrary Kay’s english is very good….so Kay., don’t expect too high from others everytime… Mahsa is so humble and even now she’s ready to dump all of your jibes and be friend with you, and even sister. Hats off to you,mahsa..that’s the way to do it….

    let’s be friends….i think that’s what add and andy must be thinking right now….you know , for them all of us are same, so they cannot give thier view in favor of anybody….so we should not disappoint them, we must make them proud by being united beyond nationality and whatever…..

    By the way, one good thing has come out of the bleak comments and all the mini war of words,,,Now i expect to read all of you wonderful guys’ comments everytime a new lesson is posted…all of we have become email friends and please guys i hope you would continue posting comments from now on to every lessons..

    take care and be friends


  40. Bhaskar Says:

    one more thing….

    lets make it a kind of blog guys… discuss our problems ; not only english.. c\’mon english can wait….we could discuss bigger things like what\’s been happening to us right now , the excitements , the troubles etc…. you know what i mean ,let\’s discuss in any matter….

    let\’s do it here from now onwards…
    take care

  41. Tom(miki mouse) Says:

    i just thought it’s a good idea to tell you about two sawesome books . True colors and Mosaic series.
    they’re phenomenon, give them a shot and you won’t regret!
    take a mouse word haha!

  42. Kayleigh Says:

    Hey c’mon everybody…howmany guys should I answer!!?? lol
    but that’s nice totally, you know why, I become important!

    Niloofar- honestly, you’re the only one whom I enjoy exchanging words with! cuz ya use slangs nice and correct, which learners find it adorable!….I thought that ya’ll return my compliments…just thancks!??…actually I don’t give a damn!…and why should I be ass out!? cuz of playing jokes on a fucking dumb girl!…NO WAY!…now close your stupid mouth! hahaha
    I’m qualified to tell my opinions, whether you guys like or dislike, I’ll keep on telling my ideas and I’ll entitled to them…this is the freedom of speech, right?
    that’s what a usual member does!…by the way, I get a life but the question is do you?…..and continue posting comments! you go girl…

    Mahsa- AS USUAL, I could barely understand your comment!…
    I’m qualified to judge ya, cuz my English is farrrrrrr better than yours, so I should judge, that’s kind of helping! lol…why don’t ya only study the basic grammers first? it’ll work…… and I’m not your friend or anything so don’t call me, “my dear friend”, that sux! lol….why do you get bent out of shape soon!? you’re just a dumb fucker who should stop fucking with me!….that’s it!

    Noonoo- what a weird name do you have! lol….
    who fights? I’m not up in arms, you’re going too far!… just think abit then write!
    and yes, undoubtedly, my English is fab.

    Tom- you idiot, shut your trap…and I’m UNintrested arguing with ya fucking guy! you aren’t worth a damn!

    Bhaskar- just don’t try to pretent so kind!

  43. Tom(miki mouse) Says:

    @ everybody: i have a solution for this cur Ka…(Mr.jerk) haha
    Since he shows great idiocy , i never seen in my life and we want a clean website to only learn English let’s cut him dead.

  44. Mahsa Says:

    hey i tried to be your friend but it did\’nt realy work at all. i think that … damn devil .o.k but ,remember that we all are always friend with each other (Tom Noonoo ,Niloofar, Bhaskar and every one who is here to learn english not to poke at others .)and we can kick you ass and you are just 1. I mean your nasty manner is one ,wich i feel nauseous of it. but considering the fact that we aren\’t as rude as you are, we don\’t do it. as the second point i wanted to say that you are the most rude,selfish that I have ever seen in my life. ya only have a nerve attack at every one and a bout that you said \"i become IMPORTANT\" it is on account of, cuz your nasty manner wich doesn\’t have worthy opponent and twists every one\’s arm to pay attention it .and remember that im here to stay my dear correction pen lol

  45. Niloofar-16yr ( 2009 for God's saker ) Says:

    *check Scientology Rules….
    Rule # 7,879
    Sub-section 47
    Page 897
    pargraph 16
    line 8 clearly states…..

    ” figuring Kayleigh out is IMpossible! ”

    Kayleigh, are you finished for compliments!??….figures!….the point is we’re worlds apart!
    yeah you’re coming along with me, ‘cuz that’s just the kinda girl you are! headstrong, and I’m a positive kinda girl, I am!

    In my book, you should owe Mahsa an apology…she’s willing to hear constractive criticism…so please stop fucking her over!…ya’ve made her an object of ridicule…now clean up your act!
    for God’s sake, BUG OFF, buddy :)

    Everybody, we ALL need to get a life! so let’s get some :)
    We are steppin’ into the light, leave our argues behind just now ,we are! :) :) cheeeeeeeeeeers :)

  46. seggt Says:

    im from china.i wana practise english with non-chinese speaker. no offense to my fellow citizen only for laguage reason
    my msn is
    skype: cszero_marketing

  47. Kayleigh Says:

    Niloofar- #*….was hilarious!…yeah figuring me out is not easy!
    ya know buddy, we both are headstrongs!…but let’s forget and forgive everything about Mahsa!…and forget about apologize!, I won’t do that anymore!
    I totally agree with you, getting some lifes is kinda cool! and useful!

    Tom, Mouse or anything that you are- you know, asshole, I’m A GIRL !!! :) !!

    Mahsa- taking a look at basic grammers couldn’t hurt!…but anyhow, who cares!

    Seggt-would you want, tell that, “ONE more” thousands times!!????

  48. Sohel Says:

    Hi guys

    your lessons are great! It really helps people to improve their english.
    keep up the good work. Thanks..

  49. Tom(miki mouse) Says:

    oh my! you’re a little chick! i’m so sorry ;)
    hey come to think of it ,here at capital of Sverige is a festival goning on i could meet you here and i promise your english will improve with me quickly as the pace of light;)
    @ others: the moral is quarrels with girls could end in love ! but don’t try it with your gf or bf it might back fire and since you can’t reach me you have to face the music alone. haha

  50. lisa Says:

    hey guys,
    thanks a lot for the wonderful podcast! it’s great!

    masha – i like you, but i’m not sure you’re iralian. some of your english phrases sounds very familiar for me…like russian idioms:) i’m russian native speaker, so i know them for sure, as well as you are, i hope. no wonder that somebody can’t understand you. your english is ok. just keep learning!
    good luck!

  51. Mahsa Says:

    hey thanx God and now i’m in the pink CUZ i think i have found a friend
    Dear lisa- heart speak to heart cuz 2 points 1. i maen i like you too:)2. and im not sure that you are Russian too. cuz you treat me as kind as a country man. pardon me. i don’t know why i wonder with my self every things seem fishy in this marvelous web- site these days .
    But believe me that i’m Iranian and you had a little typo in my name my name is mahsa but no problem you can call me every thing that you want
    by the way how old are you?:)

  52. Niloofar-16yr Says:

    To Lisa:
    I tried to like your comment, but it make senses! why aren’t you SURE that she is Iranian? what do you mean about “some of your English phrases are like Russian idioms!??”
    you know girl, your comment is not clear at all! Mahsa and I are Iranian, like most of other guys here! :) ( just don’t get any aggro please! )

  53. Maziar Says:

    Hi dear Niloofar-16yr!
    Your comments is very nice and i like to familiar with you! Can I?

  54. Niloofar-16yr Says:

    Maziar- yes you can :)

  55. Nastaran Says:

    hi guys
    i’m a pretty Iranian girl…i’m just 13yr
    your lessons are perfect…
    and one more thing,all of the Iranian GIRLS (in this site) u rocks.continue the fighting

  56. Kayleigh Says:

    HEY everybody I’m BACK!

    Tom- hahaha, that’s nice, ” chick” :)

    Lisa- I was shocked! u like Mahsa!???? are you sure ya didn’t mix it with my name!?? lol

    Mahsa- Ohhhhh, c’mon hearts!!… know why does everything seems fishy for you?? cuz you’re a dick!! again ya have faults in your comment but I’m not in the MOOD to say them! and what did you mean about,” little typo”???- a typo means a LITTLE mistake in typing, so u mean a little LITTLE mistake???…one more time girl, study basic grammers and WORDS!! LOL

    Niloofar- yeah buddy, it makes senses…I felt too!! hahaha

    Maziar- her comments ARE very nice, and u like to GET familier with her!
    oh my gosh….another Mahsa!

    Nastaran- JUST 6 points! : 1- we are NOT just girls! 2- we rock, not rockS! 3- Iranian occupied here! 4- continue arguing, not FIGHTING! 5- we aren’t arguing anymore! 6- just 13 year old!?? lololololol…

  57. Tod Says:

    @ iranian students:
    please check out the link:
    good luck

  58. Mina Says:

    considering the fact that all of the things always are not like how they realy seem but there are many people that they don’t believe this still. the other day two angels decided to rest in a house of a rich famly during the way of traveling. the rich family pissed of and considering the fact that they had comfortable rooms they gave the most dread- ful room to the time of dinner the man and his wife that she was hideous and reeked were absolute pig and they only gave a piece of dry bread to angels.the time of dinner concluded and they were going to sleep in a dingy, campd, gloomy room but before sleeping the older angel tried to mend a hole in the wall. the younger angel cut her red handed and rolled her eyes and said” what the hell are you doing?” the older angel just laughed and post poned her and got a way from answering and just said that things always don’t seem how they realy are another night they decided to go to a poor farmer’s house. they shared their typical food with angels and they gave their best room to them. they coulden’t deny their kindness.the next day when the angels woke up they understood that the farmer’s cow had died. the angels could barely admit this event .the younger angel was realy mad of the older one and said:” enough is enough , i don’t want to be your mother but u sux. i feel nauseous of this kind manner that u have why u helped to that idiet family but u didn’t do any thing for this kind family. the older angel told that it was just a misunderstanding and she didn’t want to be an absurd angel or any thing but, when i mend that hole(the older angel said) i wanted to concil a treasure and i wanted that they don’t find it.but in farmer’s house i saw the death angel that came to their house and wanted to approach her wife but i tried to survive her life and instead of her wife that angel brought his cow to another world. first the younger angel deny it and said that it was a totall lie wich was going to sound hard to believe but it was an undiniable fact that happend.

  59. Kayleigh Says:

    Mina and Mahsa are the SAME people! I BET!
    the way of your writings are completely same! you’re really DUMB!
    your dictation is AWFUL! so don’t try to trick us, specially me!

    YOU ARE A FAker!

  60. Tom Says:

    hey sweetheart! i bet you an angle, but why is this aggressive behavior i could n’t get! you know people ,they always wanna poke, sometimes with a story sth…(i didn’t read the story lol) calm down. so when do u gonna be in Sverige! lol
    @others(Kay.. you should n’t read this piece)
    as you see i’m trying to make every one make peace in here, and this is not achievable but with solidarity, cooperation, being humble and forgetful (boy! who’s better at speech me or Obama!) so RIP!
    instead of kicking each other, learn english .my suggestion is one of you make a blog then you guys join it to discuss every lesson separately. writing hateful comments in this forum just is n’t right and certainly does n’t help your English, although i highly doubt that you’ll get another free lesson still it’s the best web ever.

  61. Kayleigh Says:

    Tom, oh c’mon boy, I’m not offensive, I really didn’t want to behave aggressive! but I just wanted to know that why is Mahsa trying to trick us, I BET ” mina” and ” mahsa” are the SAME! I BET…. the way of Mina’s writing is completely like Mahsa’s, the fauls, the typos… like “wich”…she canNOT use the slangs, correctly, it’s OBVIOUS! but I wanna know why did she change her name???? posting comments with different names is like LIEING, TRICKING, FAKING! if she really thought that she can persuade us to read her ABSURD story, just by changing her name, she’s totally wrong,it proves that ,she’s nothing but an ASSHOLE!
    I do like ya, Tom….but I really count on you to believe me!…
    and yeah you’re way better than Mr.Obama in speaking!… more thing honey pie, I didn’t read that part! cuz I believe ya :)

  62. Tom Says:

    boy! i feel so good haha. thx, i just meant chill everybody and i believe what i believe(what i believe?!) i say we better take it easy and not post such comments. and i sure hope everybody does this since it is just insane.

  63. Maziar Says:

    Hi dear Niloofar-16yr! My Email address is!
    Please contact with me!

  64. Niloofar-16yr Says:

    Maziar- I’m online around 9 and 10 pm for chatting.
    my e-mail:

  65. Maziar Says:

    Hi dear Niloofar-16yr! I can’t connect to internet in this time. can you send me Email and are you a Iranian girl and can you help me to learning English very well? (i guess that i am a begginer)

    thanks a lot

  66. Niloofar-16yr Says:

    I thought that it was obvious from my name that I’m an Iranian! lol…….anyways, unfortunately I can’t send e-mails, because of some reasons!… but I can be online at any time that you want! so tell me what time can you connect to the net!??
    and yeah, I can help you in english :)
    by the way, how old are you, and which city do you live??

  67. Maziar Says:

    Thanks for your reply! I live in beautiful city in north of Iran. I’m 27 years old!
    two questions; please answer:
    first; why my age is important?
    Second; which city do you live?

  68. Niloofar-16yr Says:

    I was just abit curious about your age, cuz you know I’m 16, so I wanted to know how old are you too, actually it’s not very important!!! :)
    I live in Tehran, which CITY of north do you live??

  69. Maziar Says:

    Hi dear Niloofar-16yr!
    you are little and very clever,for this reason i\’m very glad!
    I live in Sari! however; Can you help me for best english learning?
    Please clearly answer me! I am downloading best references, multimedia softwares and E Book from great english teaching institue but i need a best partner for self teaching (i haven\’t enough time for going to institue). If you need them, i can send this package after completion for you! By the way, I\’m not here for 3 days. I want to go to Tehran for my work.

  70. Niloofar-16yr Says:

    I have many partners indooor and outdoor , for english. I’ll be happy if I be your partner too.
    and about those softwares, you know I don’t use such this programs!…just tell me an exact time for chatting.

  71. seggt Says:

    pls add me on msn: or Skype:cszero_marketing
    wish good begining of conversation in there
    larry from china

  72. Maziar Says:

    Hi dear Niloofar-16yr!

    Are you Ok? I can chat with you between 12 and 13 everyday except Thursday and Friday.
    yours sincerely

  73. Niloofar-16yr Says:

    Ok…so please be on at that time.

  74. Maziar Says:

    OK… I’m on at this time and waiting for u!

  75. Maziar Says:

    Hi Niloofar-16yr!

    i’m here and in yahoo chatroom! where are u?

  76. Bhaskar Says:

    hi guys!
    back after some time thanks to exam…..and found out that it’s becoming a mini chat box, sort of.

    well that’s it……will talk more in next lesson… its becoming monotonous

  77. Niloofar-16yr Says:

    Bhaskar, it seems that it won’t let Her to go on posting her nasty comments!
    anyone who’s that nice wouldn’t have her comments deleted by the WM all the time! Of course not everyone shares the same opinion, what a boring world it would be if we did. Actually I’m totally OK with other people’s ideas, doesn’t mean I won’t challenge them though. I do enjoy a little debate once in a while.It is fun to laugh at the mean ones too! Amusing at the least…a little Jerry Springer didn’t hurt anyone. :)

  78. Kayleigh Says:

    *Because some people believe some others are mean, doesn’t mean everyone else agrees.
    Haha Niloofar, it ‘seems’ that they let me to post! but it’s my energy to waste…now I’ll go on, and have a cow about it!

    D E B A T E ! lol…

  79. Niloofar-16yr Says:

    Niloo-well isn’t that a relief. here i was, deathly concerned. (notice my eyes rolling)
    please don’t be so sad…!

  80. Kayleigh Says:

    No dear, I ain’t that sad!

  81. Kayleigh Says:

    “No dear, I ain’t that sad!” Now that’s an intelligent statement…geez, I hate the word “ain’t”, even in jest. It’s not a real word and generally spoken by low-life type people who have no respect.

  82. Peter Says:

    Hi guys your lessons are really useful. i wanted to improve my level but because of lack of time i have to burn the midnight oil and after that I sould go to work in the bright and early but I wonder that is not a brain surgery and it is useful for me.
    thx again for your awesome lessons.
    break a leg!

  83. Hale Says:

    Hi guys,
    Great lessons here, very useful. we are looking forward to new ones.
    Thank u for bringing laughter on our faces.
    take care

  84. Kayleigh Says:

    HEY- that wasn’t me!… so Nilo you’re a fake too.
    the word ‘Ain’t’ isn’t used by generally ‘Low life people’ if you think so then you must be one of those girls who have their head stuck up their asses!!

  85. Niloofar Says:

    Oh, that was me actually, but it was kinda clear too! changing name is typical, you’re so strict! lol
    And spoken like a true ignoramus. I rest my case.

  86. Kayleigh Says:

    LOL! Aww what’s a matter NilO, cat got ya tongue??? I rest my case…Hahahaha

  87. Marcos Says:

    Hi, everyone!
    I’m from Brazil and I’d like to say this site is one of the best esl sites I’ve ever seen on the web. Thank you guys of China232 for the great moments that all of us have every time we hear and read your fantastic lessons. I’m afraid I won’t say the same about Kayleigh: what a nasty, sad, frustated and fool she is… I’m so sorry all of you haven’t got rid of her yet
    We’re all learners! We often make mistakes and I’m shure I may have made a lot of ones so far.
    All the best!

  88. Fernando Says:

    Hi guys great website !!!! it has helped me a lot …but i have one question,Why China 232???if you teach english???just curiosity!!!!Thanks from Brazil.

  89. Mohammad Says:

    Hello guys,

    Your podcast is really helpful. God bless you.

  90. Alice Says:

    Yep, picturing someone you’re afraid of in their underwear or in any other fun way really works :) . Thanks for the episode and this piece of advice :) .

  91. Egor Says:

    Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your website? My website is in the very same niche as yours and my visitors would certainly benefit from a lot of the information you provide here. Please let me know if this alright with you. Many thanks!

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