122 – VIP – Easy Money

In this ESL podcast we talk about making some money from a successful business. Learn English for business and daily conversation.

This is a
VIP Lesson

3 Responses to “122 – VIP – Easy Money”

  1. YEE MON THANT Says:

    reading and listening

  2. Valrhona Chocolats Says:

    Easy Money = Money for nothing :-)

  3. Mis(s)Understanding Says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention it. It’s good to know that Dire Straits is basically a common English phrase not a band.:D Of course, I listened to Dire Straits the band decades ago and I heard the English phrase last week. haha. This is not the first time when I innocently(again!) find out that there is a common English meaning for another band. Skid Row. “Skid row” means anything else than the band with hot lead singer! :D

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