124 – Getting a Job

In this ESL podcast we talk about getting a job through a friend. Learn English in the workplace and in daily life.

ESL Conversation

A:  What are you up to later?

B:  I’m going to ask Scott for a job at his company.

A:  Are you serious?

B:  Ya, why not?

A:  I think you are barking up the wrong tree.

B:  What are you talking about?

A:  I think you blew your chances when you offended his girlfriend last week.  She was really upset.

B:  I apologized the next and and we’re good nowIt’s all water under the bridge.

A:  Well, I don’t know…

B:  You don’t know about what?

A:  Umm.  Where was I?

B:  You were trying to explain why I couldn’t get a job at Scott’s company.

A:  Sorry.  I forget.  I lost my train of thought.

B:  Thanks for the advice.

A:  Don’t mention it.

Barking up the wrong tree
If you are "barking up the wrong tree" it means you are using effort in the wrong place. 

For example you could say, "Stop calling him.  He’s married.  You’re barking up the wrong tree.  He won’t leave his wife no matter how hard you try".

Blew your chances:  If you "blow your chances" it means that you ruined your chance.  You once had a chance but now you don’t because you made some mistake. 

I think you blew your chances with her.  She seemed to like you at first but you called her too often.  I don’t think she’s interested anymore.

We’re good now This is a slang phrase.  It means that two people have gotten over some disagreement or problem and don’t have any problems anymore. 

We used to fight a lot but we’re good now.

It’s all water under the bridgeIf something is water under the bridge it means it is a problem in the past and is no longer a problem now. 

Oh, don’t worry about that.  That happened years ago.  It’s all water under the bridge.

Where was I?:  If you are in the middle of a conversation and forget what you were talking about you can ask, "where was I?"

If you are talking to your friend, then you answer the phone to talk to someone else, you may want to go back to the same spot in the conversation you were at before you got interupted by the phone.  You can ask your friend, "so where were we?"

I lost my train of thought:  If you started to talk about something and then in the middle of it you forget what your point was you could say, "I lost my train of thought".  It means that you already forgot the ending of the story you started to tell.



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    A: Sorry. I forget. I lost my train of thought.


    A: Sorry. I forgot. I lost my train of thought.

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    Hi guys. I always enjoy the website but the title is misleading.
    It\’s not about looking for a job it is more related to losing opportunities & being distracted. a vocabulary word that could be helpful with this lesson is \"ramble\", which means to begin talking and going to another topic and forget the original topic.
    Once again Thanks

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  34. Marco Says:

    Thank you guys!!
    I\’m from Brazil and I really like your work! I am learning a lot!
    I am telling to my friends about you!

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