126 – Beach Life

In this English lesson we talk about vacationing on the beach. We just got back from a trip to Thailand and wanted to share some great vocabulary and conversations for going to the beach.

ESL Conversation

A:  You feel like going out for dinner later?  My treat.

B:  I appreciate the offer but I think I’ll pass.  I went to town on the buffet last night and feel like a fat hungover cow.

A:  What happened to your diet?

B:  I fell off the wagon last night but I’m gonna get back on track starting today. 

A:  I should do the same actually.  My bod isn’t exactly beach worthy at the moment and our trip is only a month away. 

B:  It’s not easy during the holiday season.  I’ve gotta drop a good 5 pounds of pure lard in the next month.  Let’s hit the gym and just eat something small after.

A:  Good idea. 

I’ll pass
If you “pass” on something it means you are choosing not to do it. 

If your friend asks you, “Do you want to go watch a movie later?”  You might reply with, “I think I’m gonna have to pass.  I promised my girlfriend I’d spend the evening with her”.

If someone asks you to do a couple of things you could say, “I’ll meet you guys for dinner but I’ll have to pass on going to the club after.  I want to have an early night”.

Went to townIf you “go to town” on something it means you go absolutely crazy on it and have too much. 

I went to town on that pizza.  I was super hunger and ate the whole thing in 5 minutes. 

I don’t think he’ll want to come out tonight.  I just talked to him and he said he went to town on the tequila last night and is still feeling pretty bad.

Hungover A hangover is the bad feeling the next day from drinking too much alcohol.  “Hungover” is the past tense of this word. 

I’m so hungover from last night’s party.  I’m just gonna stay in bed today. 

I fell off the wagon This is a set phrase that means you were unable to stick to your plan.  It’s often used when talking about alcoholics or drug addicts who start drinking or taking drugs again after they quit.

My friend stopped smoking for 10 straight days but fell off the wagon when he was playing poker with his friends. 

Get back on track If you fall off the wagon or are not following your plan you need to “get back on track”.  That means to get back onto your original plan. 

I haven’t been to the gym in over 3 weeks and I’m starting to get fat.  I really need to get back on track.

I haven’t studied Chinese for over 2 months.  I have no idea why I stopped but I need to get back on track.

Bod Bod is slang for body.  It usually refers to how good or bad someone’s body looks.

She’s got a great bod.  I saw her in a bikini at the beach. 
He said he was so self-conscious about his bod that he didn’t even want to take his shirt off at the pool. 

Beach worthy If something is “something worthy” it means it is good enough for something. 

My bod isn’t beach worthy means, “my body isn’t going to look very good at the beach”.

I’m sorry to say but those photo’s are terrible.  They aren’t worthy of being in a good magazine.

Drop:  “dropping” weight means to lose weight. 

That boxer needed to drop 10 kg in 2 days to make the 75 kg weight class.

I pigged out over Christmas and need to drop at least 10 pounds.

A good:  “A good” something means “at least”. 

I’m not sure exactly how much the flight costs but I think it’s a good $500.

You should leave soon.  It takes a good hour to get to the restaurant from here during rush hour.

LardLard means “pure fat”. 

I’ve put on so much lard lately.  I need to hit the gym bigtime. 

I wonder how he is always able to get such attractive girlfriends.  He’s such a tub of lard.

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