128 – Weird Food

In this ESL Podcast we introduce a new podcast that you guys can learn from and it even has a girl doing the podcast.

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  1. Guest Says:

    Hi, guys. I absolutely love your podcast. Keep up doing your fantastic job!

  2. Guest Says:

    An amazing revision of my comment :)

  3. hana kader Says:

    this is the good idea you be strong

  4. hana kader Says:


  5. joe Says:


    I really appreciate your pod cast, I think that you are absolutly making a great job. When I listen your casual conversation I feel I perfectly understand everything and I think I have improved my listening skill since I visit your website.

    Thanks for all…..

  6. Phils Says:

    Hi guys. Really good and very helpful. I am learning English now. It gives me the clues and ways how to speak spontaneously. Thanks two thumbs up to you,

  7. tj Says:

    do you have anything for children?

  8. derlaur Says:

    Good to have partership with other websites.

  9. Ali Says:

    Although sometimes I wish I could hear voice of a lady too. But all in all, China 232 has the best podcast I have ever seen. I do not get bored listening to it at all. I keep my fingers crossed for you guys.
    All the Best

  10. kOGY Says:


  11. pm778 Says:

    I like chine232 more than batter at English. Maybe the podcast isn’t right and other podcast are better. But, who knows. Maybe I should try other their podcast.

  12. behrooz Says:

    hi ali this is behrooz
    i have just found this website,so i don’t know about it
    would it be ok if u gave me some information this site
    and teii mo how can i use yhis site
    my e mail address is

  13. eduardoferro Says:

    It was been a very good lessons for my practice. thanks

  14. Janaina Says:

    I just have to thank you for this amazing site. Thank you!

  15. hazim Says:

    hi guys how you doing

    i very admire your podcast its a really great and funy and easy to learn

    your site is really amazing i was looking for long time but finally i found you

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