129 – English Vocabulary

This is a special English learning podcast from a really cool website to help you improve your English vocabulary.

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  1. Abhishek Ghosh Says:

    Hi, I am not able to access the script of 129_English-Vocabulary. If I click on the Lesson Below hyperlink just nothing happens. Could you please help me out?

    Best regards,

    Abhishek Ghosh

  2. Robert Says:

    You can read it on

  3. Luiz Mendes Says:

    Hi all….
    Abhishek Ghosh is right…the link for the lesson 129 is not working !

    Thank’s guys, for all your effort to building this website for us…


  4. Ali Says:

    Hi, Andy hi Add
    I used to listen to your podcast (free section). the results for me was unbelievable. I took the TOEFL exam and my listening skill was highest among all my friends. It was 27 out of 30.
    P.S listening to your podcast has improved my speaking skill too. for speaking section I got the score 25 out of 30 which is unbelievable for myself.
    Thank you guys
    I will talk about you to all my friends.
    All the best

  5. samira Says:

    hi there,
    well done…..
    it\\\’s a fantastic start for a comment , isn\\\’t it?
    I\\\’m a newcomer to this website. I feel at home when I\\\’ m here. I couldn\\\’t believe how successful you were in your job.How long have you been working on that?
    I\\\’ll be back a s a p.
    Samira, From Iran, Tehran

  6. warleyalex Says:



    Hey guys, we’re back here once again in the free section at and again we came across with a really awsome podcast that teaches you a lot of vocabulary words, and if want just learn vocabulary whether its for tests, or just emprove your english in general, you can go to the this website and listen to all the podcasts which is phenomenal at justvocabularydotcom, and here is a perfect example.

    Hello everybody, welcome to justvocabularydotcom, and this short five minutes podcast we introduce to more advance english words. At this shows number 579, and today two words are PANDER and RUMINATE.

    /pander/- Despite Adam’s better judgment, Eve pandered to her own needs.

    /pander/- Donald’s manager was not able to control the his employees because he tended to pander to their every demand.

    /pander/ – Jenny panders to her boss by complimenting his new tie, suit and haircut.

    PANDER it’s a verb, and is spelled as P-A-N-D-E-R

    What was at mean:
    PANDER means to gratify or indulge (an immoral or distasteful desire or habit).

    PANDER means to facilitate the fulfillment of others’ or another’s desire, especially
    one of questionable appropriateness or morality.

    To that means when pander to people you’re catering to their needs, because you want something from them. A good example is a politician whose says what the voters want here, just to get to their votes. Politicians pander to voters, of course, not all politicians aren’t bad, you should trust in politicians alter.

    The verb Pander is used in a negative way, to denote the behaviour of someone who has … ulterior motive.
    Or just indulge the person to whom they are pandering. Now an example: TV stations have to pandering to tastes of mass audiences. Means to provide exactly what a person or a group wants, especially
    - If a politician panders to too many different groups, it’s impossible to tell what he stands for.
    OK, some Synonyms: solicit, procure, provide, pimp, indulge or gratify, cater to
    And two Antonyms: reject or deny
    OK the next word, is the word “RUMINATE”.

    /ruminate/- She spent the last year ruminating over which college to attend after graduation.
    /ruminate/- When his lost the election The candidate ruminated over what he should do next.
    /ruminate/- The cows grazed on the hillside and ruminated their food in a relaxed manner.
    /ruminate/- The priest hoped that the congregation would spend the remainder of the week ruminating the message of his sermon.

    The verb RUMINATE is spelled as R-U-M-I-N-A-T-E

    What was at mean:
    To RUMINATE means to consider something deeply and carefully;
    It means to turn a matter over and over in the mind.
    RUMINATE has also a second less using meaning of to chew cud, like a cow.
    And this motion

    This is the idea of ruminate. RUMINATE is synonyms with: mull, brainstorm, contemplate, consider, ponder, P-O-N-D-E-R or muse.
    And the Antonyms are: forget or ignore

    OK. Then this it’s time for a short review questions…

    If you find missing parts, don’t hesitate, post here.

  7. derlaur Says:

    I appreciate the partership with other websites.

  8. imar Says:

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  9. pm778 Says:

    I don’t like it, I founded it a bit shitty, but china232 is the best!

  10. Narayan chapagain Says:

    could you tell me some details about IELTS academic test.. is there any materials about ielts four module listening , reading , writing and speaking on your site…i am going to take ielts test, plz could u help me ?/ how can i improve my speaking fluency..reading and writing as well.

  11. vu Says:


    You guys are amazing! Your lessons are very funny. I love your voice, it is very very clear and very easy to understand. Also, the speed when you speak, it is good enough to catch up with.

    Thanks very much.I’ll do my best to improve my English through you lessons.

  12. vu Says:


    You guys are amazing! Your lessons are very funny. I love your voice, it is very very clear and very easy to understand. Also, the speed when you speak, it is good enough to catch up with.

    Thanks very much.I\’ll do my best to improve my English through you lessons.

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