129 – VIP – Brand Awareness

In this ESL podcast we talk about building a brand and marketing. Learn Business English as we talk about real strategies and terms used in the workplace and daily life.

This is a
VIP Lesson

3 Responses to “129 – VIP – Brand Awareness”

  1. Jumping on the Ceiling Glass Says:

    lookin’ forward to a new VIP podcast for this week!

  2. Jumping on the Ceiling Glass Says:

    correction : *(listening to) slipped between fingertips…

  3. Dark Chocolate Says:

    this podcast with brand awareness and marketing push was a good one. btw I’m taking some Marketing courses to get a certificate and I am in top 8 of class of 30 people. Majority of them(98%) are English-native speakers who recently graduated high school or college. I guess it’s not bad for a bored old ESL lady who didn’t even try very much.

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