132 – VIP – Friendly Chat

In this ESL podcast we talk about someone that has been having a difficult time managing their life and want to get in back on track.

This is a
VIP Lesson

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  1. Delia Says:

    ok, I’m sorry for you, Andrew, for not feeling good. I apologize for being too tough on you in my previous postings. Don’t you ever worry about your voice because it sounded great and pleasant and relaxing as usual. Add sounded great and sweet and supportive of you as usual. The truth is I hate being told a date, hour, etc, and that person not to be ready, especially because that person was the one who has set(or announce) the date or deadline. In the future, do me a huge favor, do yourself a favor, and do a favor to anyone else who likes you and watches your cool stuff and do not announce dates or deadlines for something that is going to be done like a podcast or anything else. No one wins from this kind of situations. Basically I knew your recording equipment was broken and I didn’t even expect a podcast soon but you announced this week’s podcast (Although I like the fresh ones because your website is one of the pages I visit frequently like newspapers). It is the same thing with writing section. I was ok with everything: podcasts and blog, etc but you announced it a couple of time on Facebook (writing section). You should announce only when everything is done, not when you are planning on doing it. This is the only reasonable solution. If not, it backfires you. It sounds like lying and discourtesy even though you have initially had the best intentions but something came up. Think about it.

    get well

  2. Delia Says:

    good podcast. you should open the forum for people to write whatever they want also in order to avoid spam, you should assign moderators to take care of sections and get them more involved in this website.

  3. Delia Says:

    or maybe not

  4. Steven Says:

    hey guys, i want to know if there’s a pdf file for this lesson, i just see 3 buttons to play the lesson.

  5. Delia Says:

    well, I guess we are lucky we have Andrew doing podcast this week, as Add said. I tried to transcribe the podcast via Dragon dictate app on my Ipad but it keeps stopping at less than 1 minute and it’s not accurate.

  6. addb Says:


    Thanks for letting me know. Please try to download the PDF now and let me know if you still have a problem.

  7. Delia Says:

    thank you Add. it’s been such a day full of positive feedbacks for a bored cranky grumbling old lady like me :)

  8. Delia Says:

    it’s pretty or funny/crazy. I’m yelling and complaining about to some people I don’t know personally and you are apologizing back to some people who don’t know too much about, just some crazy nicknames. it was almost as fun as watching excitedly some ranks on Facebook :) ) everyone was unbelievably nice to me, like 7 people some of them close to me some simple aquaintances have been suspectly very nice to me today. am I dying and I don’t know yet? :D

  9. Delia Says:

    I know I’m a bit crazy. you both are super nice and sweet and kind and I love you both but I really need some people to like me for real.

  10. Dark Chocolate Says:

    I really need a tight regimen on many levels. seriously.

  11. Dark Chocolate Says:

    fuck. I meant strict regimen.

  12. CLAUDIO Says:

    Hi there, I really hope you get better soon, Andy. Just do some daily sport, get the daily runners high :-) . Winter time is always killing me as well. However, I always like your shows. But hey by the way, I guess average podcast length is somehow shrinking. I’m longing for a new 15 min scene :-) , how about that?

  13. Nikita Says:

    I noticed my heart beating faster when I see a cute dog rather than a handsome man. Is it serious? should I be worried?

  14. Sand Notes Says:

    Claudio, this podcast happened to be one of the best podcast in the last few months. It’s very connected to the audience. Quality comes in small portions and it is not perceived by masses.

  15. Dark Chocolate Says:

    Andy & Add, talking on Internet or FB or whatever with people I do not know, this type of communication, full of inconsistencies, miscommunications, lack of feedback sometimes, lack of control over what other say, all these are really driving me C R A Z Y. I am also really sorry for my wacky stuff from time to time.

  16. CLAUDIO Says:

    Sand Notes, I get your point and I somehow agree with you. I’m not disappointed with these two guys at all, they are doing a great job. But my point is…. if I can choose between a big and a tiny slice of a tasty pizza (both slices of course have the same great quality), I’d definitely go for the big one! So, I’m absolutely happy with 232, but the more the better….

  17. Marilyn Monroe Says:

    Andy & Add, can you share your recipe for a successful relationship between first-born and second-born in a family in adulthood years ? I still haven’t found it…

  18. Delia Says:

  19. Delia Says:

  20. Delia Says:

    111,126,969 for real

  21. Delia Says:

    I wish I had the poise you have to ignore so many crazy stupid things written by crazy people like me, here and other places

  22. jersey Says:

    Delia why are you posting and reposting on the same lesson so many times?? this message system was made for people to write things that are relevant to the lesson or maybe a few comments of gratitude to add and scholar andy but instead your filling up the comment section with unnecessary junk about.. for example how you supposedly found a way to make your day better or make yourself feel better. This isn’t a blog..or a diary you know if you need somewhere where you need to write your positive… or negative for that case, feelings away. here isn’t exactly the right place so please lets keep the message board the way it’s always been
    Seirously youtube videos come om!!

  23. Delia Says:

    jersey, I do like this lesson very much. that’s the way I’m expressing myself and your efforts to “educate” me are useless. I feeling good watching some classic music and I want to share them with others who are open-minded enough to understand my unusual way to express myself. I don’t like self-righteous people who teach others how to react and behave. btw the message board is sometimes filled with spam (on other lessons) but no one complains about it. I believe my messages are less harmful than spam. at least I’m human unlike those spammers who don’t even care about learning English here. however, if Andy and Add want me to stop posting my music here, I will stop and I will become a decent boring predictable user, the opposite type of person I am. As I perceive them, they are two tolerant open-minded relaxed people who don’t worry about these kind of temporary petty issues. Internet is freedom. I wish you a good day, jersey.

  24. Cailloutte Says:

    Great lesson… Had some more fun after the lesson when reading Delia comments.

  25. Delia Says:

    woohoo! good for you! I really enjoy generating and getting various reactions. better crazy than sheep.

  26. Delia Says:

    Dear Cailloutte, you seem a nice person, please don’t take me very seriously, ok? :D

  27. Delia Says:

    is the next podcast going to be about the ispo? it would be interesting, because it was an very interesting experience. if I remember correctly, you never had a podcast about pivothead(blog yes, but not podcast).

  28. Delia Says:

    I miss a new podcast…will it come out one this week??? awwwww

  29. Sand Notes Says:

    I hope everything is OK there

  30. jersey Says:

    come on guys, will the new podcast be out anytime soon now?

  31. Dark Chocolate Says:

    Hi Andrew,

    I hope everything is good. I miss your podcast and pleasant voice.

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