133 – China232 on Stitcher

In this ESL podcast we talk about "Stitcher". This is a great way to listen to our podcast. Also, we talk about learning English for real life conversations.


A:  I just picked up a new Samsung Galaxy S IV.  What is the best way to listen to you guys on China232? 

B:  There are certainly no shortage of options.  You’ve got the 232 Android and Apple apps for example.  You can listen directly on the site.  You can also download the Stitcher podcast App and use that.  Stitcher is an awesome way to get at the free ones. 

A:  I’m a complete tool with technology.  How do I do that? 

B:  All you’ve gotta do is search the Android or iTunes app store for "STITCHER".  It’s free.  Just download it and search for "fun English lessons" directly on the app.  We’ll be at the top of the list.  You’ll figure it out.  

A:  I think I can pull that off.  I’m going to give that a go as soon as I get to a wifi hotspot.

B:  They have free wifi here.  Why don’t you just do it now?

A:  Ok…..  Oh, there you guys are.  Why do you have such a stupid looking logo?

B:  Negligence I guess.  That was from a long time ago.  Neither of us have an artistic bone in our body.  We’re going to get a pro designer to work on that soon.  It’s one of many things on our priority list.  We finally gave in to the fact that we can’t do any proper design with Add at the helm.  I’m even more useless.

A:  Better late than never I guess!



Picked Up If you "picked up" a new phone, it means you just bought one.  This is how we talk about "picking up" in terms of consumer products; aka. things that you buy.  It’s obvious based on the context. 
Sometimes we also talk about "picking up" girls or "picking up chicks".  This means that we met a girl and she agreed to go on some kind of date or at least give you her phone number.  You clearly didn’t "buy" the girl.

No shortage of options:  If there is "no shortage" of something, it means that there is a lot of it.  A "food shortage" for example, means there isn’t enough food in a particular place.  If it doesn’t rain for several months in a certain country, the farmers may see a shortage of vegetables because they can’t see them.
If I say, "There is no shortage" of hot girls in this bar, I’m saying, "There are a lot of great looking girls here in this bar".

:  "Stitcher" (S-T-I-T-C-H-E-R) is a very famous podcast app.  It’s a free app and it’s the best way to listen to our free podcasts.  Just search Google for "Stitcher Fun English Lessons) and you will see the link to our show.  Download the App and subscribe to us there.  They are putting Stitcher in new cars now and people can listen to us while they drive.  Awesome.  We’ll link this up in the show as well.  If you get download the App on itunes, android, or blackberry, you can find us by searching "Fun English Lessons)

Complete tool
If someone is a "tool" it means they are an idiot and a fool.  It’s also a thing friends can say to each other when they are having fun and joking around.
I can’t believe you lost your new phone again.  You are such a tool.

I can pull that off
If you can "pull something off" it means that you can "do it" or you can "make it happen". 
My favorite team is losing by 3 goals.  I really hope they comeback and win but I’m not sure they can pull it off.

Give it a go
:  If you "give something a go" it means you will try it.  You will put an honest effort into it.  You aren’t promising that you will succeed, but you are promising you will try.
I’ve never been skydiving before but I’m going to give it a go this weekend.

Wifi hotspot
This is a common, and kind of strange, term for a place where you can login to the internet.  A lot of coffee shops are wifi hotspots.  That just means you can login to the internet from the coffee shop.  It means they have wifi basically.

:  This word means that you are irresponsible and you aren’t paying attention to what you should.

Doctors can be taken to court for negligence if they allow someone to get sick or die because they weren’t paying close attention to them and their health issues. 

Neither of us have an artistic bone in our body
:  If someone doesn’t have a "….. bone in their body" it means they are TERRIBLE that that.
I don’t have an artistic bone in my body means, "I’m terrible at art and design"

Priority list
Your "priorities" are things that are most important to you NOW.  These are the things that you need to get done FIRST.  Everyone has a lot of things that are important to them, but a priority list says which thing is most important, which thing is second most important, and so on…..

Gave into the fact
:  If we "gave into the fact" it means we "accepted the truth".  We "realized" something. 
We gave into the fact that we suck at art, so we started hiring professional designers to help us.

At the helm
This is a common slang way for saying, "in charge".  If someone is "at the helm" it means they are in charge.
Apple was a much better and more successful company when Steve Jobs was at the helm.
The L.A. Lakers were a much better basketball team when Phil Jackson was at the helm.

Better late than never
If something is "better late than never" it means it’s better that it finally got completed, even though it was late.  So basically, it would have been better if you did it earlier, but at least you did it and it’s better than nothing or not doing it at all.


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