133 – VIP – Weird Guy

In this ESL podcast we talk about a guy that is a bit weird and socially awkward. Learn how to communicate and describe people in English.

This is a
VIP Lesson

8 Responses to “133 – VIP – Weird Guy”

  1. sara2625 Says:

    so nice to have you here again.about the voting ,I have to say that for sure you were the winner.wish you all the best.

  2. Incognito Says:

    no more incognito? that’s sad. less freedom. just testing.

  3. Incognito Says:

    I heart A A

  4. Delia Says:

    I loved the voting, very entertaining. I suspected you cheated too but didn’t care because I wanted you to win, no matter what happened there. But the glasses seems so cool that it doesn’t even matter the outcome of that somehow silly competition.
    And I like the topic of the podcast because obviously I’m a dork plus I’m suffering from paranoia from time to time. Maybe I am the weird guy you were talking about, who knows! The bad news is I’ll be back.

  5. Delia Says:

    I really really need to share this song. It’s English language but in a different form, stop complaining :D

    …and thank you for the freedom…

  6. Delia Says:

    classic and awesome

  7. Delia Says:

    Maldives. anyone?

  8. britdam007 Says:

    The meaning of the word “oddball” has not been explained in the document for some reason……..Could you please look into it?

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