134 – VIP – Add’s Private Life

In this ESL podcast we talk about Add's personal life. Learn vocabulary about relationships and describing emotions. Learn how to communicate in English.

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VIP Lesson

4 Responses to “134 – VIP – Add’s Private Life”

  1. jersey Says:

    good job guys! i really liked that new phrase “keeping her cards close to her chest” im gonna go and use that phrase and see what people say hehe

  2. Dark Chocolate Says:


  3. Delia Says:

    ummm, about “having chemistry with someone”…I disagree with someone super ugly can’t be attractive. I’ve never been attracted to classic handsome men (e.g. Brad Pitt), even though I have eyes and I notice and admire any form of beauty in an emotionless manner. I’ve always been attracted to literally ugly but charismatic and smart individuals who were able to made me forget about any type of physical imperfection. I think in my case charisma is the most important ingredient. I guess that’s why I always liked rock stars rather than classic handsome movie stars or athletes. this applies to my real life too.

    3 super ugly guys that I love, especially the last one. I loved him since I was 14 and my feelings are unchanged.

    I will never forget how I “tortured” my mother and grandmother with Alice Cooper trying to convince them to see how attractive are these rock stars. My mother ended up liking these ugly but charismatic people like Alice Cooper. Unfortunately, I couldn’t convince my dear grandmother to change her choice in men. To her, Ceausescu, Stalin, and Kadar Janos, a former Hungarian Communist president were the most attractive men in the world, after my grandfather of course.

  4. Delia Says:

    chemistry: main ingredient is charisma when it comes physical aspect. and yep, when it comes personality traits, reliability has always been the most attractive aspect when it comes the opposite sex. and disponibility to communicate openly with me when something goes wrong. too much ego is a major personality flaw.

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