136 – VIP – Bad Mouthing

In this ESL podcast we talk about saying some mean things on emails. Learn about describing people and your feelings in this English learning podcast.

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VIP Lesson

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  1. Dark Chocolate Says:

    sweet! a funny observation; if you native Canadians, who grew up in a culture in which politeness and diplomacy is highly valued, worry about the tone of an email, what can I say about me??? I rarely proofread my emails(at least the personal ones and sometimes resumes too) and I sent them so quickly and after that I am very afraid to look back and feel awful realizing I made mistakes. again. I’m far from being a diplomatic person, however, I admire this quality and especially the people who can mix diplomacy and truth in the most subtle way. so, I’m too blunt sometimes in emails. the good part is I learn, sometimes the hard way, but I learn. at 60 I will probably become a very diplomatic grandma.or maybe not.

    I’ve always wondered what is the age difference between you guys? it would be nice to know. in fact, I would die to know this detail.

  2. Delia Says:

    Hi Andrew,

    I just wanted to sign up for a pair of Durango but to my surprise, the price changed…:-( it’s discouraging for a person who dreams of wearing a pair since summer.

  3. Delia Says:

    can I turn back the time? :D

  4. Delia Says:

    I’m still interested in buying them, I was only surprised of the change and curious.

  5. Delia Says:

    unfortunately I tried to sign up for a pair of Durango but the settings of the page asked me to introduce 5 digits for postal code. Canada has 6 digits. I tried to introduce 5 digits without the last one but nothing happened…

  6. Delia Says:

    I’m afraid I don’t know much about the technical aspect of the product. I assume the price is a bit higher because of new specs.

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